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  1. Actually, since the air at the poles is so cold, and air at the equator is so warm, the warm air travels to the poles (cold air is less dense) and with this warm air, is a lot of carbon dioxide (highly flammable) and it gets trapped in the ice when the moisture in the air freezes and falls out of the air. Because of this, the ice caps are extremely prone to catching fire, which is why we don't live on them. Just kidding, I completely made that up, it's a sick piece though.
  2. Little bit of everything. Finally decided to work on some more artsy stuff for myself, and not clients or friends.
  3. yo if a hooker loves you, you shouldve gotten free sex. it's like a rule.
  4. "THESE GRAFFITI TAG FAGS ARE ONLY DOING THIS FOR ATTENTION" So here's an idea, let's talk about them for 3 minutes on TV and give them 5x more attention. fuck the news.
  5. Grasp

    Orlando Thread

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-yBr-H2yskM#! It happens so quick, and it seems so surreal. Radio chatter was interesting too.
  7. shots from the last month, little bit of everything.
  8. Grasp

    Orlando Thread

    that's SEEB from miami, did his time in Orlando, put in tons of work, y'all did nothing. ALWAYS TOSSING BODIES. fuck seed.
  9. How do you even ask your tattoo artist to do this, G? "YO, I WANT STARS ALL OVER ME." "Stars?" "YEE, STARS. ALL OVER ME. RANDOM SIZE AND PLACEMENT".
  10. true, the fuck you thinkin' kid?! tpbm's voice in their head is the voice of tracy morgan.
  11. some random street shots from a food truck event.
  12. huge fan of that cockfighting picture.
  13. true. Comical, yet bonerkilling. TPBM gets wild hungry watching Man Vs. Food.
  14. false, i'm white. tpbm thinks gordon ramsey (hells kitchen bro) is a pretty alright guy.
  15. nah son, had to 96. the price of eating out has gone up... da dum shii TPBM is proud that I got 2 c's and 2 b's this semester.
  16. false, sick of da pizza. TPBM has tattoos.
  17. false, i can't write anything no where. TPBM has an inner voice that speaks ebonics.
  18. FUCK WIT HOODRATS AND DEN POP BOTTLES. Holla at me bruv, i rep it to da fullest. TPBM knows real recognize real, and they don't look familiar.
  19. my 2000th post was talking about trannies? fuck, man, what a bust. 2002, I was running from my dog, with a hammer in my hand. I jump on a bed, and the hammer bounces out of my handd, and I watch fall on my forehead. 13 stitches, a concussion, and 2 MRI's later, I got a lil dent in my forehead. I was 11, so i dont have cool stories from 2000's. TPBM makes super specific to-do lists.
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