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PGW: The infamous TT boy...

TT: thats me.

PGW: i always thought you were from NewJersey

TT: na, im a canadian

PGW: do you like sports?

TT: i like some

PGW: hmmm football?

TT: its ok. i prefer hockey

PGW: nice...isnt your brother a hockey thug?

TT: yeah hes a hockey g

PGW: nice thats funny. my little brother is a semi-pro inline skater

PGW: and the other brother is a fashion boy

TT: a fruit booter?

PGW: yep

TT: yeah i think i played rollerhockey in grade 3

PGW: like this kid sean c***en from where i live...

PGW: do you skateboard?

TT: i try

PGW: do you like high fashion?

TT: of course

PGW: Favorite labels?

tt: armani, prada, versace.

PGW: wait...

tt: ok

PGW: georgio armani...not armani xchange right?

tt: exactly

PGW: phew...

tt: no worries

PGW: that a/x shit is for the riceboys

tt: yeah they wierd

PGW: do you own any prada at the present moment or do you just fantasize

PGW: ?

tt: yeah i have a few shirts

PGW: rad

PGW: youre a lucky man

tt: agreed.

tt: shit was pricy

PGW: ramen or cup o noodles

tt: uhhhh cup o, just cause we get em at school

PGW: hmm gonna have to deduct 10 points...the correct answer was, "ramen"

PGW: so... moving on....

tt: dude, ramen is hard to find here

PGW: would you ever join a frat?

tt: yeah why not

PGW: would you ever wear a pink shirt?

tt: keg stands are fresh

PGW: yes they are

tt: if the occasion called for it

PGW: what would be a pink shirt occasion in your mind?

tt: a day at the yacht club

PGW: indeed.

tt: or the country club

PGW: or a day lounging in the park with your golden retriever

tt: exactly........ with arnold palmer shoes

PGW: yes indeed and some white shorts

PGW: you gotta have a good tan to pull that outfit though

tt: of course, maybe khakis and a sports jacket

PGW: none of this graffiti boy corpse shit

tt: yeah totally.

PGW: nice.

tt: we must soundwierd

PGW: eh who cares.... most 12oz readers are zitted-out anticon fans

tt: yeah i dont get anticon

PGW: thats a good thing

tt: sure.

PGW: anticon is lame dude.

PGW: speaking of lame...

tt: ill take your word for it

PGW: what do you think of the "emo" craze? and what the hell is "emo"? its a fake word if you ask me.

tt: agagreed, im not to sure what that is either.

PGW: ok moving on...

tt: sure

PGW: whens the last time you got a haircut?

tt: bout 2 weeks ago na actuall a week

PGW: whoa.

tt: why?

PGW: what style is your hair?

tt: short kinda messy

PGW: i havent cut mine in like 2 months dude, im lookin savage.

tt: thast dope

PGW: whens the last time you painted

tt: late october

PGW: whoa.

PGW: is it cold up there?

tt: im on what you call a 4 month probation, na more like 4 mnth vacation

tt: yeah its cold.

PGW: damn. haha lets talk about stabbing people

PGW: do you agree?

tt: ok what would you like to know

PGW: would you stab again

tt: no

PGW: never?

PGW: whynot

tt: never. well maybe i fi joined the armt and i was in a war. it wasnt right and it got me in alot f trouble

PGW: hmm

PGW: would you shoot someone?

tt: if it was life or death yes.

PGW: do you watch the lizzy mcguire show on disney?

tt: but this is canada we dont have guns

tt: no i do not.

PGW: haha yeah you have beers

PGW: what do you dislike about graffiti nowadays?

tt: yeah beer rules. graffiti....... um, i dont like this rockstar bandwagon that everyones on. i dont like fake awr styles that much. this whole old school reas trip, uhhhh i dunno. i dont like how the americans dont paint cleans, id like to see more cleans.


tt: not for me

PGW: SEX on the first date....

tt: i like to get to know the girl

PGW: do you last too long, too short, or just right when in action?

tt: depends i guess. i dont get complaints

tt: that i know of

PGW: any crazy outdoor or public sex scenarios?

tt: no, im kinda shy. i did it in a car a few times tho.

PGW: do you collect anything?

tt: pogs. uhhhhhhh na, um.. bad habits i guess

PGW: do you practice religion of anysort?

tt: roman catholic. born and raised.

PGW: how often do you get drunk?

tt: my probation allows me to get drunk again in 2003. so not on the reg.

tt: not at all actually.

PGW: rough

tt: yeah its tuff. but its kinda cool. im a square guy now

PGW: ok...

tt: surre

PGW: im gonna say a word and you say what comes to mind...

tt: awesome

PGW: slayer

tt: heavy

PGW: gay

tt: unaccepted

PGW: popcorn chicken

tt: costanza

PGW: friday

tt: boring

PGW: "tight"

tt: ass

PGW: grundle

tt: starwars

PGW: lewis

tt: guy i beat up last year

PGW: burnout

tt: burt renoylds

PGW: props

tt: rap?

PGW: haha

tt: funny

PGW: hispanic

tt: latin

PGW: johnny depp

tt: coke head

PGW: langledorf

tt: vespascooter

PGW: ok.... enough of this game....

tt: haha ok

PGW: do you have enemies?

tt: yeah too many

PGW: wanna give them any shout outs?

tt: can i tell them to fuck off?

PGW: yep

tt: fuck off. its over with. ive paid my debt.

PGW: do you namedrop?

PGW: hopskotch?

tt: not that i know of

tt: hopskocth is grade 3

PGW: do you have a girlfriend?

tt: ya

PGW: how long?

tt: 2 years and 1 month today

PGW: whoa

PGW: marriage?

tt: when im older. but i love her to death.

PGW: where do you see yourself in 10 minutes?

tt: sleeping

PGW: 10 hours?

tt: sleeping or back on here

PGW: 10 days?

tt: school or on here

PGW: 10 years?

tt: working a job i hopefully like

PGW: such as?

tt: some thing to do with art

PGW: like richard simmons?

tt: yeah something like that. sweating to the oldies

PGW: dude. your interview is now over. do you have any last words or anything?

PGW: or "props"

PGW: shoutouts?

PGW: haha

tt: uh. props to my crew. ill come visit you soon. i swear. and hi to that special girl. yopu know who you are.

PGW: cool. see you soon.

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that was actually very intersting. pop gun war is a really good interviewer. do you work at a magazine or something?

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yeah, that was actually worth reading. i guess you need the right kinda person to get the right kinda interview. not some jackass.

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yup theres my interview. if anyone else would like to interview me, please feel free. just wait for when i interview pgw.

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Guest professor poopatronic

yeah that would be the best one yet. someone could interview me and i could talk about crying in the shower and writing short stories

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that was a good interview. what's up with y'all fashion concious mofo's eating ramen though? My shit is like the exact opposite- I'm eating steak dinners rocking dickies.

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massive lack of sleep and vicadin makes my eyes burn like fire... like now

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Originally posted by ASER1NE

all this small type makes my eyes water

if you have a scrolling thing on your mouse (the wheel thingy), hold down the Ctrl key and then scroll down

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