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  1. dat dem dere sketches, dey sure are super. you have the foundation down-pat. one thing is that i feel like i've seen shit like this before. but still, there's no doubt that it's so ill.
  2. ha ha! looks like someone is trying to get some punani on the internet. anyways, deliss, i didn't even expect an apology, in fact, i won't accept the one you gave me because its unnecessary.
  3. woah! down, girl! i didn't mean for you to take it all personal. i just thought the fact that this special guy was a bboy/dj seemed pretty irrelevant. but i'm sure you'd be able to justify that, now wouldn't you? yeah, i'm not particularily an expert on girls, i -like you- am also a girl.
  4. ok, so did you mention that he was a bboy/dj just for the sake of mentioning that you're dating a bboy/dj? because i know that a girl would love to gloat about that shit. get him a CD.
  5. chizm

    IM FAT

    just eat a bunch of small meals a day instead of eating two or three big meals a day. this is good for you metabolism.
  6. i caught Maury today and the show was about fat babies. it wasn't even really focussed on how they have a serious deficiency, it was about "wowzers! 200 lb. babies!! look at how much they eat, and how big their tits are!" its fucking disgusting. but thats just one example of a Maury show. there're the infamous others about "my daughter's a slut, send her to bootcamp" or "retarded kids with big hearts". Maury acts like he actually cares about these kids, when in reality the show's purpose is to put these freaks on display. But its not just Maury, the list of sick-fuck talk-show hosts also includes Sally, Jenny, Montel... etc.
  7. thats bullshit. i hate seeing old, ugly men with a hot,young thingy. why is it so important for girls to be perfect and well-maintained? jeez. i'm all for this "all girls must be beautiful" business, but if thats case, then god's rule also has to include all men being hot too.
  8. wow. i never thought REAL people felt bad about cheating. it was always on TV that people felt bad about it. i always thought: what's it matter if you don't get caught? cheating for me is the most righteous thing.
  9. i chilled out with a-trak and infamous when they came to town. that was hot.
  10. that young english chap who has his own cooking show is a hunk.
  11. chizm

    Makro Interview

    that was very unsatisfying. i was excited about makro's interview.
  12. chizm


    yeah, you could sign a pact, but the scary thing in the house that makes it the murder house wouls still work its way around that pact, and you'd still all end up killing eachother. maybe you should get an excorsist or something.
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