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  1. if you look like willy wonka.......... then your word is shit. if not then youre just shit. either way....youre shit. gay shit.
  2. haha prolly just all of us drunk as shit and me coughing from your damn cat fur everywhere.
  3. ive met: -devilush(slept with her. well sorta...on her couch while fist2cuffs didnt see what we were doin haha jk) -king of hell(he made fun of my drug use at an art show. he was "high on water") -seeking innocencsesesesse(he was nice at the time but now hes back to bein a cocksucker) -secret(we wont talk about that) -sukisukinow(sorta met...i ran from her.) -sixteenvandals(i still owe him $8) -suburbanbum(i think hes scared of me or some shit cause he wont buy any of my gear after he saw me geared out in the middle of the summer wearing a fur coat with some big ass fendi shades) -dmx(hes my bro) -mr c-walk (i think hes cool with me now? well at least thats what his friends of mine and his say) -amorphic(he gave me medicine) -fist2cuffs (hes a cool dude) -buckethead(he watched my back while we shoplifted together.) im going to meet: -missinterpreted.
  4. p.s. EVERYONE who was chatting with me or even around me on newyears was being friendly...so you can go suck a cock for being a backstabbing twofaced bitch. its funny that people get so mad over nothing. i dont even write anymore. i just steal. so go cry me a river mister anonymous....try to take some valium and relax a little bit. mini bats and mace arent so friendly on new years. jeesh. pgw. spreadin the new year cheer.
  5. ha. now i have a clue as to who you are... but it doesnt matter. wow. a mini bat and "mace", i bet you didnt see my buddie's nine in his pants, my bearmace or my razor or dmx's razor or leroys stun gun. hmm that woulda been a funny scene. make sure to try to pull that move next time. we'll see if yesko or preach decides to shoot you in the face. and quit bein so gay. a leather. wow. everyone has a leather. and my keilselstein cords would in no way be removed from my face, nor would my northface. unless you shot me. then they probably would. why dont you tell me who you are so we can make this official. pgw. itk. ae. rackstars.
  6. oh yeah? which "bitch" was that. i was with quite a few women on new years. and where might you have seen me? and why didnt you "kick my bitch ass"? maybe cause you couldnt have?
  7. who cares if i didnt "put in work" im wearing gucci pajamas. what are you wearing?
  8. dude this shit is like heroin. gossip drama whore heroin.
  9. fuck. ban me dont ban me. im bipolar anyways. take a vote.
  10. what the fuck is a glick o anyways. that shits stupid man. i bet you are short and tubby with acne. you sad pathetic little stunt.
  11. how "gay" is that.:rolleyes: closing time. singing in my sleep. these songs just make me think about all the girls i want... the ones that dont want me. :(
  12. thats what opiates do to ya. bloat out your neck and belly and thin out the rest of you. not that i'd know that......but what i do know is that im fuckin attractive. and i have a great ass.
  13. im not insecure...im just taking a poll of who hates me and who loves me. and who could careless. im so fuckin rad that i can just do shit like that. and i do need a modem to live. im part computer.
  14. What do you think of popgunwar? Be honest.
  15. nah i dont pluck my eyebrows..... i just happen to have a perfect face. http://www.pked.net/upload/popgunwar/111111111.jpg'>
  16. man im damn sexy and fuck it those pics are damn sexy. and missinterpreted....no i didnt what???????????????????????? pfffffffffft to everyone. im gonna post a pic of my ass.
  17. mann only women get to see video. pfffft. get hip to it.
  18. http://www.pked.net/upload/pgw/POPgunWAR.jpg'> I like to wear this outfit while its cold outside. The sunglasses hide my constricted pupils. They are Gucci. Mesh hat courtesy muni. Jacket... The Northface. http://www.pked.net/upload/pgw/pgw3.jpg'> Yo sometimes I like to look like p-diddy and sport chanel glasses at night with diesel sweaters and goretex down fur parkas. But hey thats just me. http://www.pked.net/upload/pgw/yorkshirerep.jpg'> I put on skinny Briar Yorkshire Repp Ties over my Burberry shirts just to play it safe. The undershirt is a green one I took from an arts and crafts store. http://www.pked.net/upload/pgw/pgw2.jpg'> Then I throw on the Yorkshire Repp Sweater and head out for some chai tea. This is me posing on this kid, Jerry Dignan's porch. He's a homie. http://www.pked.net/upload/pgw/pgw.jpg'> This is what happens when you do drugs and sit in front of a computer all night. http://www.pked.net/upload/pgw/pgwyacht.jpg'> ahhhhh spring is almost here. pseudoprep© lifestyle will be back in full effect. Goodevening. PGW.
  19. deviush....check your email. all the rest of you.... hi. go slit your wrists.... the jealousy in here is as thick as my dick.
  20. i "overdose" daily. but im still alive and kickin. cause i know how to "overdose" smart. fuck you glamfuck. you probably dont even own a twisted sister album you herb.
  21. tonight im NOT gonna party. i am going to take some diazepam, sit on a leather couch next to a fireplace in my calvin klein pjs and watch homealone while drinking warm chai. fuck saturday. its time to relax. go party. pgw.
  22. nah "glam rock" i got plenty of pills. and tyler.... dont cry cause none of the 12oz ladies talk to you, but enjoy holding a conversation with me. pgw.
  23. umm im eating a twix bar and im on drugs. thats nice. and i got a fat knot in my pocket, thats also nice.
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