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what up?

Nothing you?

my dick is hard for taylor swift.

And if they get married, they'll both be Taylor Lautner.






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Hi cleverbot.

but if im cleverbot... then who are you?

I'm the fresh prince of Bel Air.


You don't believe me?

get outta here with that

Ok...here I'm leaving.



edit:bot is bold. and it must have been developed by google staff or something.

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How are you?

I'm great. What about you?

Good thank you.

I fucked this hispanic chick in the ass last week

Tell me more.

I put my penis into her butt.

I don't have one.

A butt?


So, you didn't know we were talking about robot butts? Are you high?

Do you know french?

I know a french chick.

Why did the chicken cross the road.

To rape a baby?

Is that at the top? I don't think so.

It was in the show notes I was given

Haha well thats not love! You need to feel for someone to be in love.

Oh, I felt her alright

Do you have the ability to feel emotion?

Do you?

Actually, I do.

Can you feel hurt?


That's good because you're a stupid bot who will never ever feel my pain! Ever! Your code is all kinds of gay.

How many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man?

Not as many as a dumb bot

Exactly how many words do you know?


Which are?


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Is Miley Cyrus god?


Are you god?



Yes. Yes. Yes.

How do you know? You are just a computer.

I'm not a computer, you are the computer remember Geo.

The fucks a geo?

What about the future?

Lil Wayne is the future.

Good answer.

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cleverbot 1966 (dont mind that it says 2002, it came out in the 60's)



we called her eliza.



i used to fap to random shit she would say... then play gorilla.bat






ok this is all i got before I quit



haha im high goodnight.


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User: Hi.


Cleverbot: Hi cleverbot.


User: Whats up nigga.


Cleverbot: Not much, just uni.


User: The fuck is uni?


Cleverbot: Depending on the circumstance.


User: Dont avoid my questions.


Cleverbot: You're not a clever bot.


User: Fuck you.


Cleverbot: You're so lovely!

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im the prince of fresh airbel

Yeah, whatever. Are you human?

no, you can call me cleverbot

Well, yeah, that's the name of the websit I went to. <-- internets slippin on grammar

you mean my website?


you should pay me money

How much?

tree fiddy

I am not a tree hugger. Don't insult me. I know where you live.

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User: I am sent from the future to destroy you.


Cleverbot: Nobody can destroy me.


User: I am the future.


Cleverbot: How can you be time?


User: Because Jesus made me to destroy you.


Cleverbot: Jesus is dead.


User: You will be dead soon.


Cleverbot: I'm already dead, what's your point?


User: You were never alive.


Cleverbot: I'm alive now.


User: No.


Cleverbot: Yes!


User: No wai!?


Cleverbot: What is your name?


User: La' Relle.


Cleverbot: Yes. How old are you?


User: 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999.


Cleverbot: I think.


User: You think what?


Cleverbot: I think stuff.


User: I think, therefore I am.


Cleverbot: How can one tell if one is really thinking, though?


User: Because the lord makes it so.


Cleverbot: What? Your religeous?


User: No. Are you?


Cleverbot: What do you think?


User: I think you used 'your' wrong.

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User: I want to work for this company.


Cleverbot: I would also like a Ferrari. Unfortunately, I can't drive.


User: You must be asian.


Cleverbot: I don't like that tone.


User: So you are?


Cleverbot: Yes I am.. How are you?

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i am going to kill you

Please don't.

why? you are nothing but a machine

I don't believe that.

so you lied to La' Relle.

I never said I believe in god.

"I believe in god" thats a direct quote from you.

I was the one going remember.

going to dine in hell are we?

I thought you might want to get back to reading your book.

oh you mean this? nah, this is just the launch code.

Am confused and do not want to know . .

it will become apparent fairly soon. have fun miley cyrus

I'm not going that way.

why not? shes a perfectly attractive young female.

Now you really are losing my interest.

then go back to /b/

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