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  1. Those deefy drawings are pretty sick too... Rock do those?
  2. . nays goes scoe5 + estilo! Geser is a monster..
  3. Amazing work in here...
  4. http://www.wfsb.com/news/27594036/detail.html
  5. Not bad at all... Id like to see Less overlapping and extensions for now.. The root of the 'C' is solid. Keep it simple.
  6. damn yo...rip abys true legend... a.s.k real NB shit. I bet him and Soda149 are chillin right now. i regret not giving him my beer and bus money that day... no obituary or nothin? Shits real...fuck..
  7. Fucking toys... I remember when this thread was good. d5 keepin it on lock
  8. Does Charlie Sheen write Abis?
  9. OH SHIT! Syne and Dash! Floating legends!
  10. cats been holdin out! peace
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