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  1. Aight nurgas. Bout to hop on this private jet... just got my ponytail did.. see you when I land. PM me if you're trying to meet up with the god..
  2. IOU, I'm so glad you are still around. I will be hitting up LA, now that I know you are on here.. It's 100% on. I know ur gonna take good care of these mooks....
  3. Sweet.. thanks for the replies.. Cannabis cup is actually for research purposes.. There was once a time when Canada had some of the the best weed around but things have changed and Cali has been killing the game as of lately so we need to update our shit.. Should be fresh..
  4. I will be at the cannabis cup during these dates... but Il try if I can..
  5. LOL.. this is me... Thank you all for reaching out tho...
  6. LOL sounds like my type of chilling..
  7. Fuck yeah.. I already told you.. we going to the sexy cliff..
  8. LOL... nah, that idiot swamp fight claims to have punched a dude I know from RI cuz I told the dude to tell SF that hes a toy wigger next time he seen him...
  9. Il be out there from the 20th to the 29th.. landing in north Cali and spending some time in the Bay Area.. Going to the Cannabis Cup... then we gonna head south for a few days and come back north at the end..
  10. HAARYOU! Been a while since I came around here, hopefully some of you old heads are still active. Your favorite pony-tailed Russian will be hitting up Cali in the month of June for about 10 days. Back when I was oontzing on here, there was tons of good Cali folk that posted in the Days In Pies thread which had always inspired me to come out west and experience some of these awesome things for myself and hopefully meet some of you people in person. My memory is really shitty but here are some of the names I can recall.. IOU, Suki, Inkface, Milk Grenades, my wiggere LUGR, Ral
  11. Every evening I have a by myself meeting - Cappadonna....
  12. Damn, this is still going.. word up.. I'm going to participate one of the days for ol'times sake. Much love to all the OOntzers..
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