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a challenge to dao's wife


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sf1 i challenge you to a mspaint/adobe battle





challenge 1


a wildstyle mspaint with the letters Y T E R S O V Z X B I K any letters minimum of 4 letters characters ok





challenge 2




photoshop a picture of kc kid into a picture of your own choosing





challenge 3



answer a direct question
















deadline next thursday

there will be a poll.






needs a few more challenges i think.............. do it up people

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Its cause all these tinychat dudes have a huge man crush on him, that is why they all meet up in secret and talk about him in their private fan club room


It's hilarious how I'll lurk in there under a fake name and niggas will be talking shit, then as soon as I pop in under one of my usual names they get all buddy buddy and act like Jesus just walked in the room.

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