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iPhone Applications & Discussion Thread


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What cha got? Do you recommend it? Waste of money?

Questions about apps before you purchase.


So Photokast is my fave for perveract shots aka snipes.




google - voice searches


shazam - recognizes songs on the radio


bank of america - banking


cycorder - video recorder


score mobile - all in one sports updates and scores


smugshot - uploads directly to my account


NES emulator - play SMB and tecmo bowl


dTunes - dload torrents




Swap Camera Roll - 2 seperate folders. ;)






Camera Bag









Price is Right



connect 4

night camera

i heart radio

college fb

mx Tube

baseball (stats)


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Good call on bumpin a new one.


Shazam,----------- press button identify song playing with microphone.

Tweetie,------------post useless shit on teh interwebs and other peoples phones

Yelp,--------------- type in gas station or bank name and a map pops up showing the closest spots

Darkroom --------- takes better pics with your iphone

Photobucket--------uploads pics quick

Wordpress--------- keep up with your own blog dawg

Fake Call----------- get out of an uncomfortable situation free card

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Oregon Trail - Don't get suckered in by the nostalgia, this is not the same game, suxors

Eliss - Super dope concept, but so unbelievably hard. Stuck on lvl 3.

Flight Control - Its exactly what u think it is, I'd pass personally

Wolfenstein 3d- Retro, cool if you were a fan back in the day, dunno if its worth the 5 bucks.

UniWar- Digging this so far, bought for 99 cents, an advance wars clone with online matchmaking

Edge- Buy that shit niggers, super dope

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Oh y'all pay for apps? That's gotta suck


On the home screen I rock

IM Plus

What's On TV

Live Clock



Got clockscreen and weather WB app



Other apps


Air me





Camera bag

Night camera




BeamMe pro V card

My weather

Mx tube



Games I'm fucking with


Reign of swords

Uni war

Metal Gear Solid Touch

Assassins Creed

Topple 2

Vans Pool Service


Payback (nice gta clone)

Aurora feint 2 arena

Tower bloxx




Plus GBA emulator





If you guys are jailbroken and don't have installulous you're fucking up

I got a 50$ talking merriam Webster dictionary , and literally hundreds of dollars in games

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I find that AIR ME and a TINY PIC acct work best for pic uploading on iphone


you can DL a pic, upload it to tiny pic via AirMe , then have your tinypic acct open in safari and copy the link to post in forums



anyone notice how the photobucket app autosizes your pics? terrible









but hackulous has all these games, I have been using it a lot

i mean fuck paying 10$ for assassins creed on iphone, but theres some dope games and the controlls make them pretty unique

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alright... my question is... is an iphone worth it for me and my wife to get them? i never talk on the phone as it is, text message here and there basically when someone text messages me.

seems like a lot to pay just to carry around the interwebsz in your pocket. she is bugging me about getting them and i know im gonna have to give in one day... just looking for some opinions.

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So I have an iPod Touch 2g with 2.2.1 firmware.


Quickpwn are dragging their collective asses to in regards to adding 2g Touch compatibility.


The only option (that I know of at this time) is Quickfreedom. http://quickfreedom.com/


Here's my question. I am on a Mac and don't have access to a windows machine all the time.


If I jailbreak it on a windows machine, will i still be able to synch it on my Mac?


Quickfreedom is "Untethered", is that what that means?


Thanks in advance for your help, sick of paying for apps!

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You should be fine jailbreaking it on a pc and synching it with your mac. Worst case scenario is you jailbreak it on a pc, it won't synch with your mac, so you restore it and its no longer jailbroken.


Mercer: Yeah, right now copy and paste apps are only available for jailbroken iphones, but i do believe they're going to be adding the feature in the next update if you're not looking to jailbreak.


angelofdeath: its really just a matter of convenience. I'm kinda the same way, where i really don't use the "phone" aspect that much, but i'm willing to pay slightly more than a normal phone plan to be able to have an ipod/camera/phone all lumped into one. Plus, it is really nice to be able to check email, get directions, etc when you're on the go. Also, once you get over the fact that you gotta drop a good chunk of money on the iphone itself, the plans aren't really that much more than most phone plans, especially if you get yourself the lowest minute plan and the cheapest text plan.

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Has anyone used video safe/photo safe, or any other apps that password protect your photos/videos/notes/whatever? if so, any recommendations as to which ones are worth checking out. I'm hesitant to fuck with some of them due to a lot of reviews where people are saying the apps have fucked up and deleted everything they've had protected. Could just be people who are too dumb to use the programs, but i'd rather hear a review from someone who knows what they're doing before i pass judgement.

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Copy paste is coming up in 3.0 standard - if you are jailbroken there's a beta copy of the release but it's not ready yet... But really you should just jailbreak anyways


Altho the 3.0 also has mms capability

I think it's really weird they don't make a video camera, although apple is working hard to be the first full on videophone for a minute..


All the mms programs suck right now, both in apstore and cydia , so I'm looking forward to that feature more

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Hey paladin, to get the emulators just DL them from cydia

Search cydia for them



To get ROMS you need to install certain underground repositories

Repositories are the little department stores that are in the digital mall that is cydia.


I'll pm you the rom repositories after I clear out some PMs on here


You just go to the manage section of cydia, click edit, and enter in the repository URL





For cracked apps you have to first install an appstore app post jailbreak

I'll also pm you the repository for hackulous, it's a program like appstore or cydia that you browse apps on and it does the install process for you

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