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  1. I agree with Ralphy. I was raised Catholic but by no means practice the religion anymore. I have been running through NA for 3 years now and it never worked until I chose to accept the fact Im powerless over my addiction and you need to give yourself up to your OWN higher power. Whether its God, Allah, the hooker that gives you two dollar head whops down on west main st., etc... I had various amounts of clean time and relapsed, cleaned up, repeat. For about 7-8 years. Thats a whole lot of shooting dope, oxys, coke, xanax, smoking rock and drinking. That shit led me nowhere but the fuckin crowbar hotel, detox, and sober houses. Being forced to stay in a room with fuckin Flacco who never washes his damn feet and thinks living in a sober house defies all basic hygiene laws is fucking WHACKJONES. I caught a few cases on my last relapse and I'm going through a drug court program which sucks but its helping me tremendously and I have about 10 months clean time and it feels great. Its good to have a nice whip, fresh gear, a lineup every 3 or 4 days, money in my pocket and bank, and friends and family. Running around like the junky non homo version of Omar from the Wire gets old quick. Losing all your homies to ODs isnt too fun either. Point is sobriety isn't for everyone but if you are slipping into dependancy on substances or alcohol watch your back cuz you will be dancing with the devil with the quickness, get out before its too late.
  2. just grabbed another copy of baldhead slick and da click. RIP
  3. Whats hilarious is I can see myself in the crowd bracing for Vinnie squashing me and my boy. We let him fall then picked him back up haha! That was a dope show tho
  4. Jus Allah solo album = DOPE. Jus Allah Devilz Rejects wit my man Bomshot = DOPE. Jus allah now = WACK
  5. This crackhead was asleep in the hallway with a skirt on an no panties. She had the cutest little bush. So I jerked off, came on her, copped and left. LMAO RIP Uncle Howie. I have a few uncle howie records TShirts I'll rock in his memory.
  6. Dope storys are all the same. Would you like to hear about the time I shot two bags and ODed only to have my mother find me with the rig still in my arm foaming at the mouth, or the time my boy ODed and didn't make it like countless other ones. By the way, 7 months clean here.
  7. Im rockin the gold vestax 07 pro for now until my Rane TTM57SL gets here. I know what you mean about the crab. You need something with an optical or mag fader. Even a cheap ass stanton SK2F will do you good. That was actually my first mixer and was decent and I learned to master the crab and 2 click flares well. I payed 1400 for my Rane with serato, its gonna be well worth the money so I can't complain. Gold 07 pro
  8. Yo dude will pull thru, I'm praying for him. Sucks he went into a coma though, hopefully he can come out of it with no major effects.
  9. LMAO When Riley martin was sayin some motherfucker planted 611lbs of herb in his truck and he was rushing down to the precinct to turn it in but he ran out of gas, then some dude was talkin bout how much you want for it and he needed gas money so he sold some
  10. I own mad nikes and shit, but here in Boston its a 3 stripe thang, throw up ya 3's. all I been runnin around in is two different colorways of these.
  11. I'll be telling my grandkids "When I was a little nigga like you YouTube was free and it wasnt run by the jews!" Damn c'mon son!
  12. Its off of washington st. in JP/Roxbury, its a little bodega that sells shit in the back
  13. ^this I think Ima do that today, sounds damn good! Yo I been goin to super marios recently and gettin the "super special for you" deals on some dope kicks(only adidas, the nikes are fake) and copped a northface jacket and fleece and the fuckin cheap khed! So dope!
  14. Many of my great female dick-down sessions have taken place to this mans great love making music, RIP Teddy P, I'll continue to shut-em down and open up lips in your memory! He was only 59 too, damn! :(
  15. I could take you and wifey on the ghetto tour on the cheap! Full of projects, project niggas, dopespots, crackspots, graffspots, and some shithole bahs. I can cover southie and dorchester all the way over to revere and malden and back up thru all the way to your destination of fenway. Let me know khed haha
  16. Dos Equis ain't bad, I drink it all the time at my local mexi joint. The ad campaign is better than the beer IMO
  17. Friday - Cash check, Xmas shopping. Bar. Saturday - Work 7am-12noon. Buy new cutting edges for 3 plows. Install said cutting edges. Buy coca, plow all night while doing said coca. Sunday - Re-up, maybe plow some more. Football and beer.
  18. bullshit the limit is pretty much .08 everywhere. If your under the limit that = no arrest. I blew a .11 on my second and was arrested .08 is like fuckin 2 beers in an hour or a shot
  19. What is this Drivers Ed? This is the 19th thread about drunk driving. Im not proud of it but I'm going through a second DUI right now. I dont drive shitfaced, I just happened to get pulled after a couple drinks.
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