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  1. Dont know if this is has been posted but; WARNING; SPOILERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Inception-Explained-Unraveling-The-Dream-Within-The-Dream-19615.html what a total mind fuck of a movie
  2. What do you mean its not a hallucination? I know hallucination is when they hear, see, smell or touch something that is actually not there. Maybe it wasnt such a good example but its a hallucination if the neighbour itself is not physically there (Like i have seen from one CATT team experiences. They may see the neighbour looking at them, or even hear them but they arent actually there. Im not saying that every patient WILL lead to being delusional if they were going through this but it CAN. And ive seen it happen. Im using that as one example that Ive experienced in someone very recently.
  3. Not all voices tell them not to take their meds. You'd be surprised that in the clinical area, a lot of them dont even know what the med exactly does to them. Its because theyve been diagnosed with this condition for years and even decades and it just becomes routine to them. If patienrs refuse, and are in a psych ward they get a z track injection in the ass. Thats true. Also i think 98% of a healthy population can smoke weed without expressing psychotic features. The other 2% will smoke weed, and present with psychotic features but have never actually been diagnosed with schzophr
  4. Re: Great Pictures~ funny enough, that cruize ships construction was just completed less than a month ago and as we speak its on its way to california from finland. that being said, for a ship being designed and constructed around this day and age, i would of expected it to look 10000x better than it already does.
  5. Re: Great Pictures~ ITS A FUCKING CONSPIRACY!!
  6. Re: THE AUSTRALIA MEET UP/WHATEVER ELSE (ll) THREAD VERSION 2.0 mt bullerrr! will upload a few flicks soon
  7. HAHAHAHHA SWINDLE. PROPEDD *edit, i needa spread some love around first
  8. Re: THE AUSTRALIA MEET UP/WHATEVER ELSE (ll) THREAD VERSION 2.0 fuck clubbing, to expensive. house parties are where its at
  9. first saw them on nicekicks.com mate was awhile ago now though.
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