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  1. I dont think people should follow this because its 'the law' i think people follow this because it respects other peoples rights. all stand your ground laws do is reinforce ones rights. they do not infringe on them. some of yall act like a stand your ground law is carte blanche to blow away someone looking at you side ways. they only change one thing, the duty to retreat. sure, some people wont 'follow' this law just like they wont follow your law that restricts 'clip' capacity. ijust like some people wont follow murder laws. if they do not follow basic moral precepts for using self defe
  2. http://www.cnn.com/2012/12/14/world/asia/china-knife-attack/index.html Knife attack at Chinese school wounds 22 children
  3. look, even in stand your ground states, you can 'whip it out' unless there is a means for your life to be in danger. in another words, someone HAS TO HAVE A FUCKING GUN OR KNIFE AND THE ABILITY TO KILL YOU. yelling, getting in your face, etc simply does not fit the bill. there might also need to be a disparity of force. ie. 4 guys beating the shit out of a guy. he is then justified in using lethal force. one 220 lb dude vs another 220 lb dude fist fighting, you cant whip it out. some how, i just dont think, 'i was scared because i was in a black neighborhood and i saw a black guy, so i s
  4. what exactly is 'ridiculously easy' and how does this fit in with the liberal hysteria that you can order full auto ak47's off the interwebz and have them shipped to your house? so what you are saying is the last round of gun control laws that were supposed to solve everything, namely the brady check system, doesnt work. how come all government does is fix their last failure? we were told in 1994 when the brady checks came in that gun crime would be eradicated. we were told when clinton signed the crime bill, all gun crime would disappear. but your post does make one thing clear.
  5. all a 'stand your ground' law says is if your a legally allowed to be somewhere, you have no duty to retreat. that is it. essentially if you do not support the castle doctrine or 'stand your ground' you by definition advocate that all victims must run into a corner, hide, and exhaust all possible means before they are legally allowed to turn and fight. which is why in most statist shit pits, you have these instances where the burglar who breaks into the house with an axe and starts chasing you and you pull out a gun, and YOU go to jail and not them. you still can only use physical forc
  6. what 'absolute self defense laws' are 'on the books?' where is it legal in the US to shoot someone because they yelled at you? this is nothing but pure display of your ignorance on these matters. the stuff you are advocating more or less already exists in the US and it hasnt worked. what do you propose? self defense being illegal? duty to retreat when your life is in jeopardy? someone comes at you with a gun but you didnt sufficiently prove that you ran to the very far corner of your house and set up a defensive position fast enough, while under fire, and YOU go to jail for fai
  7. i advocate the same foreign policy that switzerland holds and obviously i know full well what their system of defense is. you really think i dont know this stuff? cmon. i know full well switzerland has its share of statist policies that pock every nation state. the switzerland point is to show that the most dangerous implements folks like yourself wet the bed over at night are in civilian hands. full auto machine guns. and their crime rates are low. if 'easy access' is the 'problem' everyone in switzerland should be dead. the point? its not the gun, its the idiots behind the t
  8. exactly 'how easy is it?' you just said you are not a gun owner, which also lends us to believe since you are not a gun owner you are unfamiliar with the procedures required to purchase it. im going to go out on a limb and suggest that nearly everyone on this board who is calling for 'more gun control' lives in a state where said 'gun control' measures are either in place or have already been implemented to no avail. yeah, what about irresponsible ones? what about irresponsible drivers, who after licensing, training, and regulation, still kill more people than guns do per year.
  9. There was an active shooter event at a mall in oregon a week or two ago. a CCW permit holder drew his weapon, could not get a clear sight picture and there were innocents in his background, he did not fire. he verbally challenged the shooter and the shooter retreated. the next shot fired was the shooter taking his life. which reinforces my point, if people with a pair of balls stood up, armed or not, these shooters generally either kill themselves or stop shooting the moment they are challenged. this is just basic facts on these types of situations. running and hiding hoping you dont get hi
  10. i have plenty, but not being a policy maker or wanting to run anyone elses life, the answer does not come from politics. it comes from changing a culture. you see, the swiss are up to their arm pits in military firearms and they dont have shootings. probably what needs to happen is all the hoplophobes need to stop creating disarmed slaughter zones. people need to be given the absolute right to defend themselves. perhaps armed guards or armed teachers might right reduce school shootings, sort of like the israeli model, that seemed to of worked out pretty damn good. there usually isn
  11. we already have background checks across the entire country. so nothing really revolutionary there. but the only problem with a waiting period is innocent people die. waiting periods dont apply to the gang bangers, they only apply to above board players. the waiting period was clearly fair to bonnie elmarsri who after her husband repeatedly threatened to kill her got a restraining order. since the state is inefficient at restraining psychopaths, she went to purchase a gun to defend herself. sadly there was a 2 day waiting period and THE NEXT day, bonnie and her two sons, 7 and 13 were
  12. so what you are saying is in connecticut where gun laws are among the strictest in the nation and 'less access' is the norm to guns, that this guy didnt steal a gun and do something bad with it? arent you a gun owner and carry permit holder or were talking about getting a carry permit and you actually believe this BS? statistics and all that jazz are interesting. sort of like how back when you could by machine guns through the mail without any background check, waits or oversight of any type, no school shooting happened. you are sort of using george bush logic. 'well, due to
  13. various drugs are banned absolutely and kids can still get them at playgrounds. again, you guys operate on this thesis that if the government writes words on a piece of paper, they do exactly what its intention is. a number of states have 1 gun a month plans in affect. but there is a really easy lab experiment in affect already to look at. this '1 a month' sort of silliness can be found in the second round of patriot act renewals. it pertains to sinus medicine. you are only allowed to purchase 3.6 grams of sinus medicine that contains a scary nasty ingredient that does real won
  14. i often wonder what you folks will say when all your 'sensible' gun control is implemented and every single law is followed and properly enacted. and some idiot still goes out and steals someone's gun and does something heinous with it. i wish yall would just be honest as to what your end game is. eradication of all firearms in the hands of non state actors. just man up and say it. the 'strict' gun control has already been implemented and tried and yall still think it will create the affects you want. isnt that the definition of insanity? trying the same thing over and over agai
  15. this must be the artist formerly known as christo. got ya. so what you are saying is the goat herders in a-stan with home made ak's have been completely annihilated by coalition forces. word up. all the stuff im hearing is dead wrong. i forgot, mission was accomplished in 2003. dominant, maybe, maybe not. rifle culture is a definite factor. that is why anyone 'serious' about any of this already lives in the mountains. the rocky mountains can probably be safely called the american redoubt. the appalachians, whose length generally remain within a days
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