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dope characters


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Characters I love Em


Damn that Jesus is fucken dope. I think someone from AWR did that and Chunk is up in the mix right next to it. TWIST is the character King that foo is jes so damn dope but we still gotta put GIANT right there next to him. where's the GIANT flix. Oh yeah another one of my Favorite OS GEMOS from Brazil bust some dope ass shit to:mexican:

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that robotech shit is played already, its been all used up, too many people doing it because it's so structured, easier than more fluid or realistic characters, i'm just sick of seeing it personally. that one that fades into the wall between satan and the MAC on page one is really nice. i like the MEAR shit too, i got a KOOL KIETH production that him and some others did in a ditch in San Fernando in '97, wish i could post it. the mother's day one and dreadlock angel were killer too.

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Guest Mr Fukshitup

I have complained before about how people are complaining(ummmm).

Now it is my turn, I think characters are a bit gay. I fucking hate photorealistic painting, futuristic monsters and guys holding cans or guns, looking tough and so on.


It´s not all bad, but I like it to be a bit more personal and expressive, liked the elephants (we paint elephants too) and the twist stuff on this post.


Maybe I am a bit envious of the people who have the technical skill to do stuff like that jesus character, but I still find it a bit boring. Technique is not everything, I like raw shit, like every first piece from a writer, before he gets caught up in a stereotype.

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