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  1. if you want it to look like you painted an outline with no fill...then wal mart silver is the way to go.
  2. no disrespect, maybe im just cheap, but i wouldnt use montana on something that would have a posibility of getting buffed...
  3. well said. montana and belton are great to use to get vibrant colors that cover well. But people that rack to paint, arent going to be racking these brands anytime. the sellers of these brands arent the type you take from obviously. the best paint to use for bombing purposes is definately rusto. it covers the best hands down for anything sold at many locations. people that use montana are careless, and wasting good paint.
  4. rusto is the best that you can get....without going way out of your way and paying an arm and a leg.
  5. yes, he is a local new jack. hes only 15. and he is on the right track to coming out of the fog of the cluster of young, new jacks.
  6. if you have such a strong opinion on flicks posted then post up. and especially dont hate on people who put in alot of quality work... dope post medow.
  7. my god, cep clips ntel, trying to be big and hard and isn't even man enough to cap the whole thing. if the toy wanted beef, he should have served it right. kids these days...
  8. no hate, but lets keep these comments off the thread and in the PM's. the last thing we need is to kill yet another jersey thread.
  9. some kids just need to slow their roll around here... where is the respect in jersey?
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