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dope characters


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Re: big fuckin character on wall


Originally posted by LeakChoke

you all cant realize that that shit is photo shopped? yall fools are more cheefed then me.



i dont think its photoshopped




its some os gemeos type stuff




speaking of which someone post some os gemeos cuase im to lazy to do it myself

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def not photoshop


first of all its not photoshopped, check the fat GRAPHOTISM (with the ghetto guy smoking on the front) for a full check of all the painting that went down in that festival, actions shots of them doing it and other massive killer prods


and second, im sick of people ripping on shit they know nothing about by saying 'oh its photoshopped' or other demeaning bullshit, when quite obviously its not. i work with photo shop every damn day, being a graphic designer, so i know what you can do with dope programs, you on the other hand most definitely dont.


if i wasnt sure if something was fake or not i wouldnt go and flap my fat ugly mouth about it.


shut up and respect.



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