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Buff Jerk

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  1. 1400 cans of paint would've been better for any of the eastern european crews. They took it.
  2. I can't think of many writers I like more. The new stuff is sick. Loving the softer styles.
  3. That guy is pathetic. I've never heard worse rhymes. To top it off, he's standing in front of some graff painted by two guys that arent even from St. Louis.
  4. Buff Jerk

    Kem 5

    That last wall with the Mune characters is hot. Nice colors.
  5. I could go for some fried chicken.
  6. Buff Jerk

    Kem 5

    Insane wholecars. Both dudes wreck shit.
  7. If you're going to do that 3D graffiti, you might want to learn how to do shading. While you're at it, you might want to look into lighting.....and maybe rudimentary color theory...
  8. I need to do more hip hop characters with guns. I don't think there's enough out there. Maybe toss down some rap lyrics next to it.
  9. That's pretty sorry when your shit doesn't look good on a clean. I think IVO should find a new hobby because this graf thing isn't working out for you
  10. This shit is more homoerotic than a highway rest stop painted pink with lavender trim
  11. holy shit those fuckers are pussies!!! look at those faggots painting stupid hippie shit with euro paint. now ive seen it all. get a new hobby herbs.
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