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  1. yo, there are entirely too many names and pictures floating around on this thread. Somebody needs to jump in and do something about it. They may be designers or whatever, but they still paint (at least some of them...a little), so it's best to keep that shit confidential.
  2. the only reason I say that he bites basquiat is beacuse the name neck face and many of his exact drawings can be seen in various basquiat paintings. It's not that he is copying or trying to reproduce past styles, it's that he takes some of Basquiats EXACT WORK, including the name itself. But still, he has more ups then me, and he does make me laugh on occasion, so whatever's clever. Graffiti is all about using past styles to inspire your shit, so it's all good. I'd rather see neckface then some generic bomb as well. Plus it gives me someone to talk shit about. Oh, and I personally know who first got him painting too, but I know who first got me painting, and who got a lot of other people painting, so whatever. Everyone needs someone to push them into a life of crime, no one just walks into it. Props to neckface for being up, and for being hateable. I give the use of the word fartmouth an A+.
  3. shady bodyguard. Talks big plans then doesn't follow through. Oh, and neck face does his thing, but he does bite basquiat, so whatever. Props for him being up a good amount in NY and san fran though.
  4. I have never looked at this thread before. I just wanted to let you all know that this is my 200th post. Thank you.
  5. nobody mentioned the ill Mr. Pimento! Come on guys!
  6. ohjeez


    Re: PEEP Percept is ill. Plus, is this a tie throwie?
  7. are kuma's freight joints out of minnesota?
  8. ohjeez


    post more delt.
  9. ohjeez


    He ran around broadway with a bright orange marker about 3 days ago. Killin and thrillin.
  10. that guts is pretty. Faset is cool too.
  11. I felt nothing on here except for that savager and the revs. Both of those gave me a giant boner. TINA YOU FAT PEICE OF LARD COME EAT SOME DINNER. I would love to see more dutchess tho
  12. Him and Rime did fresh straight letters in a lot on like 25th and 8th in Manhattan very recently. Shit's butter. Oh, and good looks WSKrew, I'll get on that ashcroft shit in a minute.
  13. zephyr makes me happy.
  14. shaun cecs and acne, you guys are doing your thing for sure. I don't know about cecsy's new hand, I kind of liked the old one, but everyone likes the truffle shuffle fillin, so it's all gravy train. Keep on keepin on summer 2004.
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