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  1. Damn, I've been gone wayyyyy too long...LMAO
  2. Nice bench. Some real gems in there!
  3. WOW, No wonder I haven't heard from him. This saddens me greatly Kabar! I hung out with John several times through out the years. Pennsburg hobo convention, where I first met him, and a few times in Allentown, PA, where he often camped out waiting for his next train. That was back when Burl was still alive. I am so bummed.. Definitely a great guy, and super knowledgeable I agree. RIP Stretch!
  4. Very well said Freddy Mercury...Thank you...Man don't even get me started on this topic! HA
  5. Damn...GREAT thread man..So many gems in here. Like that fill in that SEM...good shit
  6. WOW...Just catching up here. Sorry to hear Fran has passed, that is sad, great guy. Spoke many a times. I talked to Stretch last week, he's out in AZ, heard about Burl. Great dog, met her many times in person. Very unfortunate. So much sad news the last week or so....
  7. I'm digging it. Keep it rail and keep on benching!
  8. Good to se this thread is still alive...It's been awhile!
  9. Yeah, I went to log on to Flickr and was like wtf? The new layout sucks sweaty balls!
  10. Rumor has it Sneak Attack 3- The Takeover, is in production ;)
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