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  1. And yes my last comment was sarcasm! So what exactly have you contributed to this thread, or recommended since you could go all day asshole????? All I see is you cosigning on other peoples shit.
  2. Smh please VFOR, I've got all the studio albums from reasonable doubt to Magna Carta and most of the mixed tapes in between.
  3. lol Eastern philosophy in a Western nut shell.
  4. I think you might enjoy Taoism. It basically just says you should be at harmony with the path, and emphasizes: compassion, moderation, humility, and spontaneity among other things. I kind of disagree with the whole action through non action thing their so into but seems to work for them. I read a book called The Inner Teachings of Taoism a few years ago and it explained things pretty well.
  5. Sitting at work, filling out job applications online, feeling miserable. Can't wait to go home and drink.
  6. She is right but I think it's like costal areas of the south. My dad had a place in Wilmington for awhile and the water was like that. He said it was because the water was soft, but I live in Charlotte and we don't have this problem. Also never had it in North Houston when I lived there so idk just depends on your spot.
  7. I wish Walt would off that ungrateful bitch wife of his.
  8. Or that would be called family, thus you must pretend to be friendly to keep the peace.
  9. I'm pretty sure these were commissioned for the DNC when it was here last year which is why I never posted them before but the building is being torn down so I figured I'd post them
  10. I'm also posting a bunch of new shit in the NC Graff thread over in Brick slayers today
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