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    Ask a Gay Dude

    The other day at work a gay dude thought I was gay. I've worked with him for like, a month. My wife was disturbed by this, I think. But I'm not gay, just svelte.
  2. oner


    isis is one of my faves. pelican is good. i'm going to eat now. babies.
  3. I got the dell dj last christmas. it's a little bigger than an ipod, but i'm happy with it. i haven't had any problems with it, which is amazing since it's a dell and all.
  4. Wanna hear something funny? I work at pottery barn </no homo>.
  5. I've got a capital one card. Not bad, for a credit card.
  6. It doesn't reduce the alcohol content. A filter is about 7 dollars, but it's good for 40 gallons of water, so I guess it should work for a while on alcohol also. Plus, this whiskey I'm drinking is amazing, and it was only $11 for 1.75 liters. I'm still drunk, though, and I definitely still see your point.
  7. http://www.ohmygoditburns.com It does work. I've got some incredibly smooth whiskey to prove it.
  8. I'm 25, and I voted for the first time today.
  9. Damnit, I don't want to hear all this negativity. It looks so good, I want to like it. Just like all the shit I'm hearing abou The Grudge. Why do they blow it on the sure things?
  10. I am married. What can I do to get laid?
  11. I got it off of soulseek. I'm actually missing track 6, but I have everything else. I don't think I'm online at home right now, but when I get there in about 30 minutes I'll be on. My user name is slore.
  12. I downloaded it, but I've only listened to it once. It didn't grab my attention as much as Prowler in the Yard on the first listen, but I'm sure I'll come to love it.
  13. Tell it to Queen Doppelpoppolis.
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