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  1. yeah because atak reps DIS like ALL THE TIME.
  2. bleh. still cant get used to the name.
  3. royaloner why are you such an idiot?
  4. Go for it.... I stay more like a pit bull. Puppies are for pussies like you and your crew. Mata usi! Quoted post [/b] more like a pit of bullshit. female pit bull if anything. always getting fucked in the ass like a bitch.
  5. id like to ask melon how much of a puppy eyed bitch you were trying to make it up to him.
  6. oz, perfect name for you. with your prison rape fantasies and all. diss on atak all you like, fact of the matter is hes been an integral part of hawaiian graf history for years now. while if it werent for the internet most people wouldnt even know you existed save for the few hardcore heads. hell i know of a grip of people who thought destro did that diss character and when your name was mentioned a big "who the fuck is that?" look came over their faces. honestly out of all you newer folks did you guys even know who ozwego was? i doubt very many.
  7. oz keep atak out of your mouth, unless of course you like having atak in your mouth.
  8. just battle them, you and magi can do it.
  9. ok that phyto & bies over that black pipe thing has got my interest. the spot more so than the bombs.
  10. aww fuck. even i didnt see that one before. hot.
  11. hmm. i think i know where all that TM stuff is. there should be a bunch of "KAUT" stuff down there.
  12. use lamisil(tinactin does not work) topical cream. keep it dry and do not cover/bandage it but you can use that second skin stuff to keep it from rubbing on your clothes. that shit is highly contageous. itll take up to 2 weeks but it may speed it up if you wash with anti-bacterial soap. some people like to use clorox on it. clorox usually gets rid of it right away but itll leave a nasty clorox burn scar. ive heard people use other natural remedies like tree sap and shit but i wouldnt go that route. also wash your clothes that youve been wearing since you noticed it!
  13. movies that "looks fucking shit" are the best ones. just sit and watch shit happen, no plot necessary, just have cool shit happen.
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