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  1. mang is very creative > but why is he on 12oz. his work isnt "graffiti" in any sense. i think that what he lacks in skill he makes up in creativity. anyways maybe he should find a site that specializes in mspaint scribblings. just my 2sense
  2. lloks like yu colored it w/ a crayon
  3. heres a link to get any of blaine's street magic trick http://www.magictricks.com/blaine/
  4. ive been studying magic for 3or4 years now. most of blaine's tricks can be performed with less 10 hours of practice. simple gimmicks like card thru glass, ambitious card, aces in their faces, levitation illusion, broken quarter can be purchased from yur local magic store and learned under an hour. most of these tricks aer marketed to the magician community for relatively small sum of money. magic a cool hobby and good way to meet people, get laid, start conversation, and generally impress anyone yu meet. once yu learn a trick... a good trick, not some 5 minute card turn... you wont stop learning. i seriously recommend going to yur local magic shop and checking out some of the products. or go online somebody hit me up if yur into this type shit >>> peace
  5. toys#1fan


    no offense eessee, but i think that this is a sign of everything that is wrong with graffiti. its been pushed so far out of the underground and into pop culture that kids are going bombing with there mommies... who are packing their lunches and dropping them off at a legal to paint with their friends. dont be offended by this, but i think yu need to grow up.
  6. i dont know if hes behind this site, but he has 1000000+ posts. id like to see some aser1ne stuff
  7. im not feelin this either. no offence to mang and prof poop, but im sure yur time could be better spent working on getting better than imitating ignorance. but to each his own. im not hatin, just not feelin this humor. maybe its over head im sure it is
  8. toys#1fan

    one sketch

    sideways and huge > hurts my neck
  9. toys#1fan


    i like anime > but if i wanna see it ill go to an anime site
  10. stolen http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/453/3027'> http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/453/3028'>
  11. oops this isnt the toys thread > heres a flick anyways http://freephoto-i.net/users/453/2740'>
  12. heres 2 more terer's http://freephoto-i.net/users/453/2761'> http://freephoto-i.net/users/453/1768'>
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