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  1. hey comer, relax bud. it bee man. been a long time brother....
  2. TST cats are a bunch of fags. Love the cock...
  3. hello mr. teader, iges, kasto and storioreo. i heard this crazy ass cracker was back in town for a good time. so i love long walk's on the beach, and i get this incredible sensation when someone touches my pinky toe, so if any one is interested, you know how to get a hold of me... hug's and kiss', egbert----------------------------------tomorrow's satan today...... :yuck:
  4. tead and iges suck. fuck those dude's. maybe if they see this they will give a cracker ass a call. cracker jacks and pixie stix from virginia--------
  5. ha ha ha... got a laugh out of me. :haha:
  6. yo stori, tell teader to get a hold of a cracker. that assface is never home when i call him. tell him i might have some good new's...
  7. three thumb's up... :D
  8. :D clap it up boy's, clap it up...
  9. I'm not sure how we got to lookin' like this, as far as i know, we're all maltese midgits with really bad haircut's... :clown2:
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