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hella borred

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yeah you're right NPR isn't depressing and the BBC doesn't fake a mystique of knowing everything, my bad ya caught me.



CNN doesnt report shit and is controlled by advertisers. Foxnews is retarded like litterally retarded. I mean come on... Sorry NPR and BBC actually try to report without bias... I mean if thats depressing or seemingly know it all because they actually report whats oging on in the world so be it...


I guess I just dont like being blinded by where I get my news...

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Yo you're right NPR is unbiased and the BBC is refreshing cause it is from outside of america. it is just that when they do shit like the meth epidemic or whatever it gets to be a bit much. But at the same time fox news is like a music video thrust at you. Oh well take the bad with the good I guess.:rolleyes:

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Oh man, the end statement is the best part


"are you havin fun with michael moore? hes more of a left wing promoter than hugo chavez for cryin out loud"


moore ftw. the last qoute says it all.



allow a few minute spot, then immediately decry it by presenting him as more fundamentalist then a contemporary figure which america decries as the eeeeevviiiiilll communist. (this is not in support of chavez. i have friends from venezuela who attest to his shittiness. it was merely to show the structure of cnn reporting)

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I'm gonna go with it had more to do with the fact that the story was an obvious slant against the major message of the film. And if moore is right in that Gupta's numbers were in fact wrong, then it wasn't him getting owned in the slightest.


besides, what moore said about CNN's reporting was spot on, regardless of what prompted the tirade.

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