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i feel like i broke up with a woman i have been with for almost 10 years....

and i like where Drue went with it... more so than my previous conclusion:

the whole "i bet you dont even hear it when it happens, everything just goes black"

i like thinking of it in drues light, a lot more than thinking tony got popped.

but who knows.... I JUST WANT MORE!!!

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Tony's dead. (Sorry but this is going to be a long comment.)


A) First episode of this season Bobby says you don't hear it when you're shot.


B) Second to last episode of this season, Tony flashes to Bobby saying you don't hear it when you're shot.


C) The entire story arc was about Tony - when Tony's gone, the arc is done.


D) In the diner, every time someone walked through the door, the perspective changed to Tony's as he looked up


E) After the last bell jingle, just as the perspective changed to Tony's everything went black and silent - as though the person whose perspective we were to shift to was no longer alive


F) The cat was a reminder that Tony killed Chris, and had Adriana killed. The cat was a reminder that Tony's a bad guy - who has it coming.


G) There was so much symmetry between Phil's execution in front of his family and Tony's last moments


H) We all know how much Godfather III ruined the Godfather movies. I think the focus on Meadow was a reference to the Godfather. David Chase didn't end it the way Godfather III ended. This time the boss gets killed.


I) Every other episode ended in music during the credits. This one had no music because Tony's dead.


J) Episode titles have always meant something. This episode's title referred to Bobby's gift of the gun to Tony. When he gave it to him he made the comment about how everything would just go silent when you were shot.


K) The ending was so incredibly brilliant. We all felt what it was like to be Tony in those final five minutes. We all felt nervous, anxious, just as he must have felt. After being absorbed into Tony's experience, we were left with silence and blackness like death because...


Tony is dead.

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i hate when series end like that.... fucking lame-o.


i can appreciate the hypothesis of the viewer getting killed off, which is extremely clever, but god damnit i wanted him to die, or 30 other people to, or him to get his brains blown out while fucking carmela for the first time in years, somethinggggggggggggggggg.




thats what i would have done, had carmela kill him while she was on top riding him, get this, to death.


that would have been ill.

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At first I was disappointed during the 6pm showing, but after I had a few hours to think about it, then rewatch it at 9, I figured out what happened.



The VIEWER was whacked, not Tony. Tony had a discussion w/ Bobby about dying, and supposedly all you see is black and hear nothing.



Some think this was supposed to signify Tony getting killed, but it is not that simple or cheesy.



The last few minutes in the Diner scene, the tension is mounting for the viewer. You see time is running out, you are eyeing everyone in the restaurant. Everytime the door bell jingles you look up.


This is the world of Tony, never knowing when someone is gunna whack you, constant anxiety.


However, Tony was pretty calm during that scene. The only one who was anxious is the viewer, and while WE spent all of our time focusing on Tony, BAM, lights out, we got whacked.



The last scene is not Tony looking at the door thru his eyes, it is looking at Tony thru our eyes. Life goes on for The Family, there will be a tomorrow, but the viewer will not get to follow the exploits of the Soprano family, we were killed off.



I like it.


bravo. It would probably have taken me a day or two more to have theorized this, and you got it after three hours. nice/

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i don't give a shit about what these dudes are saying on blogs or here, there's to much fucking money that can come from a sopranos movie to kill tony in that diner. there's plenty of room for a feature film now.


As much as i would LOVE a movie, I really dont think its going to happen. Producers of top quality shows like this one like to end it on a high note when the viewers are begging for more...


On an unrelated note i remember when seinfeld was over and people were saying that he would come back/release the alternate endings etc....It never happened.

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"I have no interest in explaining, defending, reinterpreting, or adding to what is there," he says of the final scene.


"No one was trying to be audacious, honest to God," he adds. "We did what we thought we had to do. No one was trying to blow people's minds, or thinking, 'Wow, this'll (tick) them off.' People get the impression that you're trying to (mess) with them and it's not true. You're trying to entertain them."


-David Chase


(I'm bored)

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I thought the guy in the bathroom was a fed... too many things to read into... crazy, I can't believe they did this shit.... fucking cliffhanger of all cliffhangers... they can't just leave it off like that, especially with fucking Journey.... get the fuck outta here!


i dont think he was a fed. feds normally roll in pairs and dont sit around dolo all paranoid like that, the black dudes in the front looked real out of place too like they were pretending to be doing something and scoping out the scene. i was getting the feeling that the reason meadow was late/too nervous to park a car that park automatically was because she was nervous about telling her parents she was pregnant.

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