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Happy anniversary to meeeeee

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Today is my year anniversary with the woman, and I'm kinda souped cuz it's the first time I've ever had a real anniversary....I feel so adult haha


Anyways, appreciate me or something

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I remember my first anniversary in like 8th grade I brought my girlfriend in a cake but me and my friends ate the cake before on the bus so my girl was cakeless and she was pissed.

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Yeah, we've had a bunch of lil breakups and during those I always come close to fuckin someone else but I haven't yet so I think I'm gunna pat myself on the back. Word to yo mama

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I had an anniversary once...I fucked it up I really didnt care I was in high school!? I had no job what did she want me to do?! Dumb broad... Yea I have only actually dated 1 other girl other than that. Hooking up on the side is just so much easier... Marriage is bullshit love isn't real wah wah wah I rock foil...

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I just want to hit it.... quit it if its on like that

never ever have to call you back

cuz you got a man.... i got a woman

but 1 aint enough i need more to keep me cummin

then im out... run away because its time to play

Nowadays chicken heads just want to date a deejay

Emcee sports star nigga with some money

dummies locked down... why your girl laughin...

that shits funny

I wish some of these broads cooked better than they looked

cus nowadays get you hooked like the book till you shook

niggas look and learn for your own concern

these broads heating shit up on the mind some burn

down on the projects or even up on the hill

shit is real these women want money and deals

deals...shit pay bills yep bills

Nowadays your boy probably tryin to hit your girl

while your trying to work to buy the hoe diamonds and pearls

fa sho... it goes down like a girl on her knees

trying to please every nizzle getting drunk smokin trees

while you 9-5 it bout to 25 to life it

That hoe on some shiest shit while you find out how trife is

thats how it is... all she want to do is swallow kids

thats hollow dips out to lunch all up on a trip

a nigga like me aint even got time for it

cus i aint giving up shit unless im gonna give a nigga...

slave to the grave from the weak down to the brave

smart to the stupid getting stuck by cupid

nowadays clock gees aint got time for these

fake thelma and louise even though they all like ooooh weeeee

nowadays.... nowadays niggas smile in your face having friends is a waste

detramental like that nigga ten pace

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

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is this the same girl you ran from

her parents or a new one?


Yup....parents still hate me too haha

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