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  1. I'm not going to lie. I don't think I've ever seen anything as awefull as that Karso shit. I can't say I ever seen him up before either. I'm guessing hes a youngboul that's just starting out? Somebody needs to take him in and show him the ropes stat!
  2. Yeah. Unfortunately he's hijacked the thread and keeps posting everthing he's ever done. Someone will post some good flicks of Philly shit and he'll follow it up by burrying that with 10 pages of B's. Shit's sad both for the Philly thread and for Boner.
  3. If you ever been to Philly youd know that there's plenty bare walls to do fills on that you dont have to jus search out walls with shit already on it and go over it. It's like he gravitates to shit that's been livin and just buffs it all out with a thousand B's. This nigga needs to stop doin that shit and find his own spots. It aint that hard. Then he wonders why everyone hates him and wants to fuck him up.
  4. I was trying not to hate on Boner, but what he's doing to this thread is fucking gay. At least stop posting flicks that aren't even in Philly.
  5. That's because you have no idea what you're talking about.
  6. LOL!!!! That nigga been writing 17 YEARS and still writes like a 12 year old!?!:haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:
  7. That's a bullshit attempt at a backpedal from a bullshit toy that speaks alot of bullshit on the internet. Grits.:lol: And I never dissed Cali in general. Just this frog, tree, and Orfn bullshit that you bullshit toys from SF keep hyping on here. Nobody wants to see this bullshit except for you bullshit toys in SF. To that I say... keep this bullshit in SF and off of 12oz. Or at least accept the fact that these threads are going to be laced with niggas hating on this BULLSHIT.
  8. ^This was the first time I was dragged into this conversation about how bad SF graff is... note how it was "Eastbaypiratehouse" that brought it up. Not me.:rolleyes: Also this was his responce to my question asking if a certain chick who's picture was posted in a thread on Chanel Zero was from Philly. I thought she looked familliar... Seems like YOU are the one with some kind of a grudge you fucking idiot!
  9. You're like a bad political ad before an election. It was you fuckwads that brought this whole Eastcoast/Westcoast shit up and anybody that's read through this thread knows this. And for the record.... I like alot of LA's styles as far as piecing and handstyles go. But this frog and tree shit is just as bad as Neckface who as far as I know is from the East coast... NYC to be exact.:rolleyes:
  10. EXACTLY!!! Then next thing you know they're on the internet talking about "fuck them played out EastCoast letters, it's all about being origional!!!!" While posting tribute threads to garbage that looks like their little sisters crayon drawings that hang from their mothers refrigerator on magnets!
  11. Actually I'm close to 30 and have been around graff far more than long enough to know toy garbage when I see it. Nice try you fucking toy. You kids are the ones turning it into an "eastcoast/westcoast thing". All anybody has to do is state that the shit is garbage and yall are automatically jumping on NYC's dick talking about "fuck them played out NYC styles". First of all (like I said already) I aint even from NYC , nor have I ever lived there. Second of all there is nothing played out about real graffiti and what it has evolved into. And what it was and what it is has never, ever, ever included accepting toys in the manner that you morons in SF are. Everybody starts out a toy but no real writer continues to write like they started out... just you wannabe neckface faggots. I'm actually hoping that you internet SF kids are a minority and are misrepresentive of the real SF becaus SF had some serious writers back in the day. You kids on 12oz are fucking clowns. And that's not just hating... that's real talk. For real.
  12. Exactly! I'm not even from NY and these kids keep shouting about "fuck NY" when they argue with me.:lol:
  13. Or it could just mean that the graff coming out of the Bay area sucks that bad to bring all this negative responses.
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