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Raekwon "Cuban Linx" Album Cover FONT?


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i ran across this font once, but can't remember the name to save my life.

if anyone knows the name of that font can you please let me know?

someone requested it, and i can't find it. i tried da font, no luck.

anyone else know? i figure if anyone would know, it would be someone from here.

thanks in advance.







damn, now i think i'm gonna go pop album this in the boombox...shits still knockin

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fuckin a.


i used the pic i posted on here to make the path.

once i had the path, selected it, black fill in on a seperate layer,

then cropped it, and it was only 30px. uploaded it, and it found the font.


the name of the font is <a href=http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/t26/entropy/entropy/>entropy</a>.



thanks mamerro!

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

I WIN!!!


You lucked out, man. Like Rummy, I was pretty sure that was a custom font... but then again, it's a rap album cover. They never spend too much effort on those.

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yeah, thanks again, man. i owe you one!

i came across the font once, i think at my old job.

that's why i knew it was out there somewhere.


cuban linx and liquid swords are possibly the two best.

i can't say which i like best though, they're both ill.


the first gravediggas album was sick, but i dont know

if you could consider that wu tang.

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Originally posted by GamblersGrin@Feb 6 2006, 07:03 PM

they started to become caricatures of themselves. i mean look at those silly movies "how high" and that tv show they did too. it just became silly. they had to porttray the images of themselves how they were at the begining and couldnt change. thats show business!!!!!!!



HOW HIGH IS A MASTERPIECE...bite thou tongue.

the rest i agree, awfulness. :yuck: :yuck: :hatred: :yuck: :huh2:

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