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  1. those damn scientologists pressured him into leaving
  2. he doesn't get into trouble he makes trouble
  3. KYU


    damn my story was hard to read, but in it i said Salvia wasnt comparable to any other psychedelic. after having done DMT for the first time i must say the similarities are striking. Salvia has a 'pull' to it which i found most uncomfortable, but Ayahuasca has the exact same thing only more gentle. my friend described the feeling as having your soul sucked out of your body. im convinced both of this chemicals, Salvinorins and DMT, open higher realms of awareness through chemical action in the brain. this allows us a more clear connection with the spirit world. i feel all trips are various levels of kundalini awakenings, which can be achieved by anyone (potentially) merely with meditation. there are a handful of buddhist monks who are essentially 'tripping' all the time.
  4. KYU

    RFID zapper

    id be worried about this leading to mind control
  5. drugs are played out meditate instead
  6. if they took out the entire graffiti aspect it would be the same movie. they're just trying to capitalize on shit. everyone involved should be thrown into quicksand
  7. I imagine there are undiscovered plants there with all kinds of ethnobotanical uses
  8. 160, I think they got medication for that
  9. copied and pasted from a website, it describes enlightenment: You are a perfect being...you are complete...you are lacking in nothing...You have everything you need, and there is no need to search for anything or anyone. Relax into the moment of your being, and observe the presence....relax into yourself and be completely still. Doors will open and the grace of pure consciousness emerges as the presence of your being...the only real thing in this world, your self...your eternal self. Not your ego, not your body, but your eternal self...your awareness. Simply be still and observe the essence of your self. There is but one God...one consciousness that permeates everyone and everything...everywhere. There is but one being, and you are that. Through thought, one creates separation and the body...your bucket is half full with holes in it and the grace is leaking out. Let go of the thought and the attachments that go with it, and your bucket becomes full and overflowing with the grace of unconditional love. It is very easy to know God, to become one with God. Only your thoughts separate you from your essential bliss. Know that you are pure consciousness, and that you are the Master...always and forever. You are that light of the universe that all of the great teachers have proclaimed unto you. In the silence of your soul, you will find a symphony in the stillness. A symphonic presence that can only be found when you are completely still.
  10. agreed, but what the hell went wrong either too many drugs or not enough i imagine
  11. a bum i met at the 99 cent store says it was a drug overdose for sure
  12. KYU


    I have some experience with salvia, first of all dont expect anything groundbreaking unless you're working with atleast 5x standardized extract, and even then use a bong and a torch. i've never had any real success with smoking salvia through a pipe or a blunt. you have to dose pretty much all at once, because once you get to the second or third lung full you'll probably already be in the 17th dimension. using normal leaves is way too time consuming. I wouldnt really say you need a sitter because you wont be inclined to do anything anyway. Like i've heard mentioned i also felt the NEED to do something, although im never sure what it is. salvia does have a 'trip' to it like shrooms, lsd, dmt, etc but it isnt anywhere comparable to any other psychedelic. The first thing you notice is the weird goggle effect it has on your vision, then things start taking on geometric shapes and whatnot. by this time reality has begun breaking down and you'll probably have a great deal of trouble 'working things out'. dont try, the trip will be over before you know it and its best to ride it out. i say ride it out because in my opinion salvia is not fun by any stretch of the imagination, it's like if you took all the 'good' things out of a heavy lsd trip and replaced it with emptiness, confusion, and madness, then shortened it to about the length of a cigarette buzz. By the time its over you'll probably be relieved and notice somewhat of an anti-depressant effect. This describes my first few trips which were not that substantial, but when I had decided to get REALLY fucked up on the stuff i dont even remember exhaling. I immediately lost reality and I was left in my own little world. like a dream I suffered from retrograde amnesia when it was over but in the vision I saw myself and pictures flowing out of my mouth. these pictures had on them whatever i was aware of at that moment. a large outline of something was trying to force itself out and i had to open my mouth as much as i could to get it out... it's a weird sensation to say the least to have this thing that is nothing free flowing with no end from my mouth. I cant recall much more, only that i didnt realize this was a consequence of smoking the salvia untill AFTER it was over, and even then reality was more like a waking dream then ever before. I was with two friends in the forest at the time and the first thing i see after coming out of this helltrip was a big black guy and his two mexican friends. I was very freaked out at this time and for about the next 15 minutes i wasnt even sure what i was seeing was real. my friend gave the black guy a hit of the salvia and he fell on the ground freaking out, saying we poisoned him and he was gonna kill us. his friends were fronting hard but luckily dude came back to reality stood up and laughed out of the blue. after that everything was cool but for a minute there my heart was pumping real nice. even at this point most of my memory of the trip had left me and even so i didnt really care, most trips are familiar in their content because it is what makes up YOU but what i experienced was nothing of this world, it played by no rules and i was left with basically fear. I would recommend this to people looking for something fun to try with their mescaline & brugmansia tea laced candyflips but otherwise this is nothing significant. something else interesting though: most of my salvia use produced a greater ability to recall recent dreams in some way, but the following week after my 'vision' i was able to remember the whole trip when otherwise it had escaped me. even after a rather small dose of salvia right there thinking about the trip the week before i remembered why i hated the stuff and i wasnt interested in trying it again.. at least not for awhile anyway
  13. A rat can last longer without water than a camel. The dot over the letter 'i' is called a tittle. A female ferret will die if it goes into heat and cannot find a mate. 40% of McDonald's profits come from the sales of Happy Meals. Every person has a unique tongue print. 315 entries in Webster's 1996 Dictionary were misspelled. During the chariot scene in 'Ben Hur' a small red car can be seen in the distance. On average, 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents daily. John Wilkes Booth's brother once saved the life of Abraham Lincoln's son. friend at window, more to come later
  14. i dreamt of the talking tease head once
  15. KYU


    pot usually does the trick
  16. I dont think Hoffman did anything special, ergolines have been used from natural sources for centuries. I've got residual tracers too, called HPPD. Everyone has it, like ADD, it just depends on the intensity of your symptoms. Partial List of HPPD Symptoms: Afterimages After looking at an object for a while and then looking away, a positive or negative image of the object remains visible. Color Confusion It is difficult to tell colors apart. Colors may appear to change over time. Example: a red sweater may turn yellow, or black text in a book may turn bright green. Reduced Color Discrimination Some subjects report a reduction in the brightness or fidelity of colors, sometimes making it harder to tell similar colors apart. Difficulty Reading Text may sway back and forth. Letters leave positive and negative after-images. Letters may vanish into an "alphabet soup". Flashes of color Subjects may see bright lights, flashes, or sheets of color that appear and disappear. Geometric Patterns Subjects see geometric patterns and shapes. Example: leaves in a tree may form patterns. Halos around objects Objects appear to have halos that extend for some distance around their edges. Images within Images Subjects see faces or other complex images where none exist. Example: a hardwood floor may appear to be made out of faces. Movement Stationary objects appear to sway back and forth or slide across the floor. This is most common in the peripheral vision. Size Distortions Objects temporarily seem to be smaller or larger then they actually are and then return to their normal sizes. Static Subjects see static over monochrome surfaces. This is especially noticeable at night. Example: in a totally dark room it may look like there is a TV set turned on broadcasting static.
  17. KYU


    it said 'tarantino presents...' in all the commercials, that should have been a big tip off right there.
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