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  1. More of lurker these days but still post every once in a while.
  2. Saw Earth a few months ago with King Dude opening. While i was whatever on the name they were pretty great. It's that dark folkstyle - really good show. Earth killed it, of course.
  3. Been listening to a lot of Pelican lately. Their new one is nice.
  4. Sykeism! I'm out here now. Not sure if you still got my info from back in the day but get at me. Or send a pm thru here. Be well my dude.
  5. The Iggy Bowie live stuff is so good. What a great pairing at the right time for both dudes.
  6. Re: 12oz's current state makes me sad/pissed The teaseola days. Days before cell phones had Internet and you had to sit at the CPU. Days before we had real jobs and responsibilities.
  7. its torrents now. forget about torrents.
  8. There's a neat map online somewhere showing the five (?) NC counties that voted for equal rights. They are where centered in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area where there are hugely famous research universities, cpu industry stuff like RedHat and SAS (check out the perks to that job. sick!), as well as countless other massive companies in the Research Triangle Park area. Basically what I am saying is, where educated people live in this state.
  9. anyone got a new site to dl from? sterngeek went splat.
  10. Re: Any Pre-2006 members on anymore? Yeah, I posted booty shots of a gal - never for a contest and never with a toy train but always with some sort of sexy lingerie.
  11. Re: Any Pre-2006 members on anymore? are y'all speaking about devilush? she was quite a looker and still is. i do remember you guys like shai, ego maniac, etc. remember TEASE who gave us endless hours of e-entertainment? see, that kid is a 12oz legend who these new kids have no clue about. hed post about all sorts of gibberish and his jobs. i wonder what scheme hes up to now.
  12. Re: Any Pre-2006 members on anymore? Haha. He did put in a lot of effort. You do have to give a hand to the young kids these days, when they try, they do try their hardest but it just isn't good enough. But that's okay, it's not looked down upon rather just looked at as there's room for improvement.
  13. Re: Any Pre-2006 members on anymore? Just a, popping my head in to see what's going on sort of thing.
  14. Re: Any Pre-2006 members on anymore? There was a lot of chatter on the forum about how the final contact attempt with Pioneer 10 received no response. I just picked a year from around when I often posted, which was between 2003-06/07 or so. Just curious if any of those same fellas/ladies were around.
  15. Guess I have not been here for a minute. I was going to attach a pic of myself with two handfuls of Persia milfy tits but I see you can only attach images with links now. She's posted on page one near the bottom. Oh well.
  16. People asked for drug money here? I would've surely remembered that genius idea... Who was that Texas kid who was riding high on working at a call center? That dude gave this place a ton of laughs in the mid 2000s.
  17. when you bring girls back to your home do they walk out alive?
  18. cmon now. that actor is giancarlo esposito. dude is an amazing actor too! check the resume http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0002064/
  19. a friend of mine has a lumix and loves it. i found a comparable sony for just a few dollars less.
  20. the target by me no longer processes film, only digital. i used 400 speed film in a variety of conditions and took it to walgreens. eh. ill go to a reputable place next time. granted, a good number of the shots came out shoddy on my end as this was first roll but i am still curious as to how a place that does this professionally would print em up. i am also VERY curious as to how the 200 will come out.
  21. Tokyu Hands http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyu_Hands this place is amazing. lots of great, japanese made, art supplies/pens/markers/notebooks/etc
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