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  1. KYU

    Issac Hayes (Chef) quits South Park

    those damn scientologists pressured him into leaving
  2. KYU

    Dick Cheney just shot somebody.

    he doesn't get into trouble he makes trouble
  3. KYU

    Dick Cheney just shot somebody.

    cheney has a taste for blood
  4. KYU


    damn my story was hard to read, but in it i said Salvia wasnt comparable to any other psychedelic. after having done DMT for the first time i must say the similarities are striking. Salvia has a 'pull' to it which i found most uncomfortable, but Ayahuasca has the exact same thing only more gentle. my friend described the feeling as having your soul sucked out of your body. im convinced both of this chemicals, Salvinorins and DMT, open higher realms of awareness through chemical action in the brain. this allows us a more clear connection with the spirit world. i feel all trips are various levels of kundalini awakenings, which can be achieved by anyone (potentially) merely with meditation. there are a handful of buddhist monks who are essentially 'tripping' all the time.
  5. KYU

    RFID zapper

    id be worried about this leading to mind control
  6. KYU

    The Quality of Life

    drugs are played out meditate instead
  7. KYU

    lets gets some booze

    pass the JD
  8. KYU

    The Quality of Life

    if they took out the entire graffiti aspect it would be the same movie. they're just trying to capitalize on shit. everyone involved should be thrown into quicksand
  9. KYU

    Garden of Eden discovered.

    I imagine there are undiscovered plants there with all kinds of ethnobotanical uses
  10. KYU

    If you see it what do?

    160, I think they got medication for that
  11. copied and pasted from a website, it describes enlightenment: You are a perfect being...you are complete...you are lacking in nothing...You have everything you need, and there is no need to search for anything or anyone. Relax into the moment of your being, and observe the presence....relax into yourself and be completely still. Doors will open and the grace of pure consciousness emerges as the presence of your being...the only real thing in this world, your self...your eternal self. Not your ego, not your body, but your eternal self...your awareness. Simply be still and observe the essence of your self. There is but one God...one consciousness that permeates everyone and everything...everywhere. There is but one being, and you are that. Through thought, one creates separation and the body...your bucket is half full with holes in it and the grace is leaking out. Let go of the thought and the attachments that go with it, and your bucket becomes full and overflowing with the grace of unconditional love. It is very easy to know God, to become one with God. Only your thoughts separate you from your essential bliss. Know that you are pure consciousness, and that you are the Master...always and forever. You are that light of the universe that all of the great teachers have proclaimed unto you. In the silence of your soul, you will find a symphony in the stillness. A symphonic presence that can only be found when you are completely still.
  12. KYU

    Raekwon "Cuban Linx" Album Cover FONT?

    agreed, but what the hell went wrong either too many drugs or not enough i imagine