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  1. Weird, had the ones way back int he day and with years in the shop I have never seen those.. Thanks.
  2. Brick, what brakes do you have on that custom? (sorry if it was discussed on a previous page)
  3. Redhead is built like a jungle gym. lurk oner
  4. i just realized i have 5 too... 5 is in rough shape though and i dont think i have the cover anymore. the OS copy cover fell off but i have read that brazil story so many times over the years..
  5. i also still have the gasp joker and giant 12oz posters. there were 4 and i bought 3 and dont remember why i didnt want the 4th one
  6. i have two (and a copy of vapors). a beat up os gemeos one and another with an illustration of a 12 on the cover looking like it should be on a rave flyer... (i just went and dug it up and it is issue 4)
  7. the volume is cool but the geometry is all wonky. if i just wanted it to cruise and rie around the 26" volume would be dope. i wanted to RIDE this bike so i kinda weighed my options. i had heard good things about sundays +4 geometry for their 24 stuff.... i had this bike for a while and had a love hate relationship with it.. dope ride but not for someone coming off a 20 inch.
  8. i really like what they have done to the 24"... most of them just feel like race bikes and not set up for street/rad riding. this one feels rad so far... like riding a long 20" frame. this is the high end one and its gut a full odyssey set up on it.. hubs rims cranks and stem. i was a little bummed about a few things on the frame (for the pricepoint) but its a solid ass bike. i will probably have a grip of 20"stuff up for sale soon if anyone is interested. i might have a complete in GOOD shape for around $300 or i may just sell some parts.. donno yet.
  9. a lot of older stuff in here lately... figured i would post something new. sunday model c.... 24" of pure nohomo.
  10. Re: I wanna see your...........PETS! its all the same rabbit. top pic is 4 months old last pic he is 4 years old. serum youre the second one to say the laser comment. its carrot stems.
  11. they are probably 174mm. most stock pinch bolt cranks are 175s. im 6 foot with a size 11 shoe and run 165mm cranks with pegs and dont get caught. the 165 feels weird at first but goes away.
  12. run shorter cranks! or possibly lower profile pegs.
  13. ilovedrunk


    in 15 years of on and off bike shop jobs selling all different brands of bikes i can honestly say without hesitation i have seen more issues with scott bicycles than any other brand i have sold. the newer stuff (since moving to round tubing instead of the hydro formed stuff) i have seen far less issues though. mountain and road "cheap" and expensive... factory head tube cracks, cracks at welds in rear triangles, cracked seat stay on an addict (carbon), a folded in half (twisted sideways) aluminum frame, others... the factory issues were no problem but MOST of those other frames were NOT warran
  14. i hate drinking. my name before this one was ilovebikinis before that i dont remember because it was the early 90s.
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