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Cable Television


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House, M.D., only on FOX......and tvtorrents.com which is where I watch it from.



I have basic cable now because it actually makes my internet bill cheaper, the only difference between it and network TV is that the reception is better and I get MSNBC and Spike TV, aka the World's Scariest Police Chases network. I use bit torrent to watch television from Adult Swim to The Sopranos to South Park to House.

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my computer monitor has a TV input. It's a widescreen LCD.... with rabbit ears hanging off the back!

Plus it does Picture-In-Picture, so I can use the comp AND watch the game! (if it's on a local station)

There's like 12 channels and I can get my weather, my daily show and and the new Simpsons every week.


really? what more to I need?


You want to watch something good? Rent a movie, or a series.

I refuse to watch movies on TV (fuck TBS) that plays 20 minutes of adds per hour.

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i had cable during the summer a couple years ago, often there was nothing worth watching, however here is some stuff i enjoy:


-old movies (a couple months ago i had the oppurtunity to watch cable tv while killing time in a hotel room, i watched several episodes of the x-files, then an awesome movie called They Live

-the x-files


-robot fighting shows

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Holy shit, these photo series makros is posting has me dying.


I don't get cable here, and once I move I think I would rather have internets than cable, and the place I might be getting is a wireless hot spot which equals free internet.


The only reason I would want cable is, Daily Show, Chappelle Show, reruns of Ren and Stimpy (if they still show that even), and that's about it I think...maybe some movie channels would be good too.


But really, as long as I can watch Blind Date, I'm set. Don't sleep on that show, best reality show ever, end of argument.

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here's some kilo history for you....


When I was young... I had my TV limited to a facist level.

I got 1/2 hour per day, that had to be approved in advance.

There was no 'surfing' on the TV. See my folks never watched it

so it wasn't ever on, unless there was somthing worth watching.


There's an 'educational?' channel here that's like PBS only better.

They used to have a 'Saturday Night At The Movies' program that

plays all these old time greats. They'd play 2 classics a night with

interviews inbetween. It's really some of the finest quality TV I've ever seen.


AND.... I can get it still on the Rabbit Ears.


TVO - for those who know.

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the best music video statio ever is muchmusic. They have the format down.


and not the Much they have in the states, or the 'fuse' or whatever.

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discovery channels, animal planets and educational channel are really good.. teaches ya somethin that school dont even do..


but i do watch oprah, mtv, sports, the OC :innocent: etc.. to juz chill out.. i rather stay out paintin.. but everyone need to kick back and relax sometimes. go to the movies... or yea rent some sick past years dvds.

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i love cable television, hate fuckers with gay haircuts, think fixed gear bikes are horrible, still smoke cigarettes, and love chicken and pork and beef. if the bag you carry all your shit around in only has one strap its a fucking purse, you have no penis.

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i have to agree with horton, the commercials for the episode about the fat chick with the heart problem look ridiculously cornballish.


and the only guy i know who watches House is also the only guy I know who religiously watches the O.C.


connection? perhaps? maybe? ehh? whatever

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i watch tv a lot mainly because its the only entertainment that doesnt require me going anywhere wasting more money on drinks, or entry fees or fucking gas.


so basically i have nothing better to do, which ofcourse is a lie, but shit, im lazy.

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