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  1. i got back 2100 this year put it towards a down payment on a car
  2. I remember last year when Mitch Hedberg died, and it was all sketchy because of april fools and then on april 2cnd he was still dead. brutal.
  3. distilling what exactly?
  4. I'd totally sleep with charlize theron
  5. take a screen shot of your statistics pop up homie
  6. JohnnyHorton


    this thread reminds me of the eunuch from american dad
  7. go just to watch the guy play guitar with a cello bow
  8. brendan kelly from the lawrence arms has a similar voice\style i think he also sang a bit for slapstick and the broadways. oh and also the falcon.
  9. ^ I love the way that guy sings
  10. I just got a new job 1100 more per month on salary than I make right now, plus I get commision on a monthly basis. They are sending me to minnesota for two weeks all expenses paid to train. chea.
  11. at the drive in - metronome arthritis followed by... at the drive in - 300mhz and the rest of vaya
  12. thats funny because i can drink waaaaaaaaaay more beer than i can liquor
  13. oh shit I remember recognizing you as chronos or something like that from a bboy forum because you signed every post beer,
  14. I didn't read the whole thread... but these are some memories I've enjoyed 1) THE CHURCH OF SEYM. 2) Gnes 37's and (pistol?) or (webster uno?)'s photoshop battle well thats it for now, maybe some more later
  15. I used to smoke dumaurier light, about a pack a day aka THE smoke. and, while I admit I really, really, really, REALLY enjoyed it... it just isn't worth it. at least in Canada where fucking smokes cost 10-12 a pack.
  16. man I just don't get this what self respecting man smokes MENTHOL by choice? pffffffffffffft. if your sick and whiney about how your throat hurts, I can see how you would MAYBE but smoking menthol has GAY GAY GAY written all over it. grimey life i wasn't singling you out, just in general, so don't get all butthurt over it
  17. your all bitches. i'd hate to see what you did if you dealt with actually cold weather.
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