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Everything posted by StarzAbove

  1. Misteraven, much respect for all your hard work throughout the years. Def. miss them good ol' days! I'll take a code, spread the news and show support.
  2. Ahh the memories of this thread...
  3. My My My the pages have grown quite a bit...
  4. Hate it but already got used to it
  5. Final Fantasy still havn't seen 1/2 of the movie and didn't get my $$$ back
  6. haha yea the busy life! Miss handling the Thread since I was such a neat freak!
  7. R.I.P seen one of his stickers in NYC subways
  8. R.I.P. http://www.graffnews.com/?cat=41
  9. Sup man were all here now: http://peelmagazine.com/slaps/
  10. haha n there are a couple of Rules in NYC
  11. Now how many times did u retire again lol. Sent you my book today!
  12. Got Rules pack. I like the green throw, n the red Rul too
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