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  1. neil young - cortez the killer
  2. i got back 2100 this year put it towards a down payment on a car
  3. I remember last year when Mitch Hedberg died, and it was all sketchy because of april fools and then on april 2cnd he was still dead. brutal.
  4. i seen her on tv whatev.
  5. distilling what exactly?
  6. I'd totally sleep with charlize theron
  7. take a screen shot of your statistics pop up homie
  8. JohnnyHorton


    this thread reminds me of the eunuch from american dad
  9. go just to watch the guy play guitar with a cello bow
  10. brendan kelly from the lawrence arms has a similar voice\style i think he also sang a bit for slapstick and the broadways. oh and also the falcon.
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