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Everything posted by CardboardCondo

  1. I recently downloaded the complete set of Preacher comics off kick ads torrents and git this app called astonishing comics books. Also copped a series titled Southern Bastards. I took a couple screenshots for a taste of the art work. It's dope. Yall got any other good comics worth downloading and checking out? Gon' and drop some gems.
  2. Jammin nacho picasso watching my girl doodle
  3. Damn! I haven't been in here in a min. What's been happening? Who's been posting teh kool rap lettuhs? Where you at bloodfart? Holler at ya boy. Ps. Does whatnot still post?
  4. times that cool things happen to you couple week ago i found a purse with a bunch of money in it. one time i boned two girls at one time. one time i smoked pcp and my hands were two big balloons one time i kickfliped over a 7 stair handrail lately i have been burnin on some walls too. :D your turn
  5. yall have these in your cities? twin peaks restaurants are like hooters
  6. yea theres like 1 maybe 2 bangers on there the rest are alright. check out the track "cant fuck em all" from meyhem and buckwild. i like that apathy best of all htose i just posted
  7. isaiah toothtaker in tuscon is dope. ill find pics later
  8. Re: random thoughts chinese buffets are the shit.
  9. ya ma dont take it personal, i stole your heart bet you wish i took ya purse from you.
  10. fuck a new bugati i want a bitch that do pilates with a super human body thatll do bukkake
  11. new meyhem lauren, new apathy, new kool keith came out this week. yall aint worthy
  12. naw not at all actually. youd like that tho wouldnt you?
  13. cilone cause he wont get off the nuts. these are the posts from the "im in love" thread every one of his posts on there are about me not getting any pussy. when he spend his whole life on here. haha loooozzzzeeerrrr
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