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Everything posted by Brink

  1. recently copped the ald x nb 550s in green, super pumped
  2. premade crust? one of the most circular looking pies iv seen
  3. Just seeing this thread now, but any other northeast homies out here?? Taken a few months ago in VT, had a lovely camp along the long trail.
  4. I always return to this... absolutely insane bass playing
  5. Brink

    The Hip Hop Thread

    Love this instru. Flows so well
  6. a really well done movie, awesome soundtrack as well
  7. Looks like he took modeling inspiration from a 2003 racing game
  8. Just rewatched The Shining last night. Too good
  9. I wonder if anything will be done about this leak, or if it'll just be smothered and suppressed
  10. OG Grinders? must be a new england fella
  11. Just got my bike jacked while at work yesterday. A nice Specialized mountain bike. rest in peace
  12. Crazy how iv only been here since 2012 but thats already been 7 years time really flies
  13. Yea quite the interesting league right now... all that matters is the post season though!
  14. I guess itll depend. It doesnt seem like with the way injuries have been going this season there are many teams that could blow away the Pats. With the exception of the Bills in the AFC (and Allen's injury) i think they might just coast through.... obviously Mahomes will be a large factor but who knows
  15. Pats are now 6 - 0 .... Undefeated season incoming???
  16. A good friend of mine graduated a few years ago with a masters in aerospace engineering, he was an extremely talented mechanic as well. Basically he knew that all he really wanted in life was to ride around the US on his KLR with friends, camping and working small jobs as he went. Turned out to be one of the most genuine and honest person I know... I wish I had the balls to just ride off on an adventure whenever I felt like it
  17. Im still pretty young, but I have a BFA in Graphic Design and now work as a professional designer with a focus in type design. Before that I worked about 6 years as a cook in a restaurant, as well as a few years as a waiter. Pretty boring stuff compared to the other people around here, but yea
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