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  1. grd

    sneaky nike sneakers

    I rarely see a par of these that I like, I'm more into dunks, but these are fresh. I keep umming and ahhing over these
  2. /payingattentiononer Will you have to do much of the sewing by hand what with the laying the support in? When you do start can we have progression flicks? It's actually super interesting construction wise. I haven't done any sewing for time but you've inspired me. I might make moves on a new project
  3. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear edoggg, sorry for your loss. 6 years after my childhood dog passed and we still talk about all the awesome stupid stuff he did. Take comfort in the fact you gave her a great life and she was loved to the end, you know she reciprocated. grd To whom it may concern, I am in a splendid mood, today is awesome. /sillyme
  4. I'm pretty sure I'm not his type. Beer, now with added viagra http://www.brewdog.com/product/royal-virility-performance We only have 1,000 bottles available. A limited-edition beer containing Viagra to mark the forthcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29th. Brewed using various well known aphrodisiacs, the limited edition artisanal beer will only be available to buy from the BrewDog.com website. According to the specially commissioned label, the Royal Virility Performance contains Viagra, chocolate, Horny Goat Weed and ‘a healthy dose of sarcasm’. The beer is a 7.5% ABV India Pale Ale and has been brewed at BrewDog’s brewery in Fraserburgh. With this beer we want to take the wheels off the royal wedding bandwagon being jumped on by dozens of breweries; The Royal Virility Performance is the perfect antidote to all the hype. A beer should be brewed with a purpose, not just because some toffs are getting married, so we created something at our brewery that will undermine those special edition beers and other assorted seaside tat, whilst at the same time actually give the happy couple something extra on their big day. James Watt, Head of Stuff at BrewDog commented: “We put a bottle in a jiffy bag marked ‘Prince Willy, Buckingham Palace’. We sent it by Royal Mail as we presume they are most likely to know where he lives. As the bottle says, this is about consummation, not commemoration, so we hope he gets it.”
  5. I'd totally hire this guy.
  6. Oh my days, tinychat sounds like bare jokes *ahem* Tis true. Not that I would know, I'm a good girl I am.
  7. This thread needs some Cali to defend the larger ladies.
  8. Bob Marley and the Wailers - Kaya
  9. She deserved it. As a girl I stand by the don't start something you can't finish school of thought.
  10. Personally, I'm pretty mad that all the old dears have co-opted Barry Manilow.
  11. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear Rolferino, I'll cross my fingers for you innit. Sailors are cool, you can have a lassie in every port and who wouldn't want to fight pirates on the daily?! Crazy people that's who. Pirate fighting = win. /auntygrounded Dear headache, Quit it. I've shit to do tomorrow and while I realise it's self inflicted and I shoulda gone to sleep hours ago if you could just gimmie a break it'd be most appreciated. /whatawaster
  12. When I c&p'd it they were still available. I heard they were going fast, it's not a real big venue so figures I guess. If they start going for more than 30 each I'd be tempted to sell mine to some trustafarian wanker :)
  13. Well, I dunno about anybody else post '05 but I feel utterly inadequate.
  14. http://www.gigsandtours.com/gat/price.asp?code=554158&userid={5DD1BB7E-4C1C-4A0B-9C29-0C47BC21A1E8}&filler1=gigsandtours&filler2=newevents eleven quid with booking fee
  15. A few of my friends have been on about this. I'm in... groundedinnit
  16. I'm gonna go see 'em in London at the end of the month. I can 100% guarantee the place will be filled will hipster tossers, z-list indie slebs and kids who's folks used to be in bands. Still looking forward to it though.
  17. grd

    Dear ________,

    awe, feeling the oontz love. S'nice :) Dear Rolferino, Chin up ken, it'll all work itself out. Don't become cannon fodder though, that's just daft. Get drunk, fuck shit up and get it out of your system tonight. PMA for the morra. /auntygrounded Dear ex sister in law, Karma is a proper cunt eh? Enjoy your spell in prison you skeevy fuck. I hope you get jooked. With any luck I'll catch up with you this weekend and give your going away present. toodles, /protectivesisteroner
  18. http://victory-light.blogspot.com/2010/10/its-okay-its-alright-just-hit-send.html Men who love their cars so much so, they fuck them.
  19. Flipper! Anyway... The Back Keys http://youtu.be/KtJ3LS4lQnM
  20. Of course they don't look like nonsense after all those flicks of the girl with the daddy issues. Couldn't think of anywhere else to drop 'em though
  21. There are more pictures here...http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/100-incredible-views-out-of-airplane-windows
  22. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear Rolf, You couldn't be worse than the fat floppy haired cunt with the lisp was. Get at it then. Tell us a wee story lad. I have a few about weegie gangsters mysen. Dear NBB, The folk of GREAT Britian are talking about... Check the bangs yo! grdinnit
  23. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear Rolf, You're like the next Barry Norman. Fuck that bird with the big fringe, they shoulda given you the film 2011 job grd
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