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  1. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear Rolph have you seen this... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1560970/? is it worth a watch? sincerely, witm8
  2. Here ya go grey...http://www.shop.ironfistclothing.com/Platforms-at-Iron-Fist-CID279.aspx Not high fashion but they're different for sure.
  3. Good lord I hope you're joking. That's so wrong. (it feel so wrong being in this tread, I kinda like it)
  4. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear SM, good luck with all that! I still can't believe how unbearably unfair the US heatlh'care' system is. I'll commence the voodoo chanting and finger crossing for you right now. /gladtohavethenhsoner Dear free prescription drugs and Chateau Tronquoy Lalande you make my life 500% better and for that I thank you. grd
  5. I just copped I spelled gait wrong. Sorry. THIS, basically the times other than the gym when you could do with a bit of stability. grey - those shoes are rad. DO WANT. They remind me of these but WAY better...
  6. That's awesome! I can't wait to see what you come up with :) I have some with plastic, it does tend to lose shape if it's not sturdy enough and they're not fitted well...and you wear it for drunken halloween parties. I'm gonna have to subscribe to this because I keep forgetting about Duty Free.
  7. Men who actually enjoy watching the notebook, let alone ones who list it among their favourite films, confuse me an awful amount. Mainly because I didn't think they existed.
  8. the fact you added a no homo there made me laugh out loud. Meat should be seasoned before it's cooked, it shouldn't need anything added to it at the table. In fact I've known chefs get quite annoyed by people seasoning their food at the table.
  9. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear laughs, I'm with souls, go have fun, be nostalgic and glad that you can still be friends...then smash the best man. grd Dear sleep, vos venit, vos saw, vos victum shame about the timing fundati
  10. This is bare jokes... 'Horrendous Dating Email' from Scott Mills yesterday BBC Radio 1 listener Natalie phones in regarding a horrendous email sent from a guy to one of her friends on the Scott Mills show. 6th April 2011. -------------------------------------------------- Look, here is the score. I move fast with things in life, I don't beat around the bush and certainly don't take any rubbish from anyone. You have 3 options and you must choose one of them now, before I waste any more time and money on you. There are other more deserving women who would be much easier to trust. I also expect a response to this email, no matter what, pretty much minutes after you get it. 1. Just be a lover. You would share me with others. As a lover you can't expect any gifts, dinners, flowers, taxis, and whatever you would expect at the moment. I have women who I can just sleep with - lots. That's what I've been doing for a while now, but not since I met you. You can come and sleep with me at times but you'll have to make your own way to my flat as paying for taxis is not something I need to do to have to sleep with women. I don't have to buy them flowers or take them out to dinner - ever. They crave my time and attention and the kind of attention you are getting. Also if you choose this option I will still be looking for other women. The kind of woman I can date and have a relationship with and one day, maybe more. If you choose this option the intensity will stop, totally. That kind of treatment is reserved for special women. See below. 2. We can work towards having a relationship. If this is the case then expect the same golden treatment as well as phone calls, texts etc. In return I'd expect sole rights to you and expect you to respond whenever I get in touch. You say I'm intense but that is because I'm seeing only you. If I wasn't intense it would mean I was sharing myself with other women. You've had a taste of what I am and what I would do for a girlfriend. Take it or leave it but you can't be both. There are billions of women out there and it's a numbers game. It should be obvious how I feel about you so it's in your hands now. I can't do anymore but will not work hard to be with someone who doesn't appreciate me for who I am. 3. We call it a day and it all ends now. I will pester someone else on my quest to find the right woman and go back to the easy structure of trouble-free love with multiple partners. Look at it from my point of view - why should I waste money and time on someone who doesn't want to be with me? It's not fair and I won't accept it. I deserve more and won't accept being treated/ignored by someone who I give so much to. My spare time is valuable to me and there are a lot of women who crave it. Yes it's arrogant but it's also true, so deal with it. Whatever you choose I will not fight because I've fought enough and I'm starting to feel quite down about it. You're not the only woman in the world - I saw you and decided that you were worth pursuing. I liked what I pursued and are willing to have either lover or girlfriend. You can't go from lover to girlfriend so once you have given me a decision then it is final. You can't have it both ways. I don't have to give any attention or money to sleep with women - the best women at that. I know I'm intense but intense people make the best lovers. If I like a girl I pursue them as a girlfriend, if not I just sleep with them. But they certainly can't expect flowers etc. Make your bed and lie in it. I don't take rubbish and I do what's right and say whatever I need to say to get the point across. he be pimpin
  11. "do you have a sister called Jennifer and your parents were too spastic to think of a new name so they spelled it with a G? yeah probably thatd explain so fucking much." I thought she said she added the 'G' herself because her nickname is 'G money'. I'm not sure if she explained the origins of said nickname though and I'm sure that would be a laugh riot.
  12. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dearest sleep, Where are you? I miss you /wouldratherbedreamingofkittensoner
  13. Well I wouldn't wish aids on the fella just a minor inconvenience. Incidentally, there used to be a lad from around my way called Blane. He raped a 10 year old boy. I believe he's dead now.
  14. "my man and i totally agree that compared to pam (who is average looking at best) rashida jones is way more attractive. and we fuckin hated that jim/pam storyline. i loved the office until that. it killed it for me. the office has been much better this season, mostly by finally using the other characters more, but it's just not as funny." The main problem with the office - not enough creed
  15. I do kinda feel bad for her being linked to this however Newton said "To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction". So I figure Blane will probably get the clap and Ginnifer will go on to some Jenna Jameson type steeze and all will be right with the world.
  16. There was a new Louis Theroux one about the Westboro imbeciles the other night. Bitch burger made me laugh though.
  17. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-12950708
  18. Getting the right fit is KEY. People don't measure their feet enough, like buying bras you need to measure often. I have a book somewhere, a little thing that came free with a magazine that I'd bought for a flight, it's got tips from all the great shoe designers and a load of models on how to walk properly in heels. I'll see if I can dig it up. The one thing I do remember it saying is, put one foot directly in front of the other. Sounds daft but apparently peoples gate is often quite 'off' and lean into your heels using your pelvis. People with good posture often have little trouble in heels. And I'm the same as Miss Symbols, if I have new shoes or even ones I haven't worn for time I'll have a day/afternoon around the house in them. Many times I've looked like a prized twat, walking to the shop for milk in 5' with joggers and a baggy tee.
  19. If you give the cheques back and say you found them/picked the bag up by accident you might get sex by way of a thank you.
  20. That's what I didn't get. How did she explain your presence to her boyfriend? Did he not even ask as to why you were in his girls house, alone and what you'd been doing?
  21. I like those but they remind me of these peeps... Anyway... Rupert Sanderson S/S 2011 Jimmy Choo S/S 2011 Christian Louboutin Summer 2011(with red soles for Ms Seyer) I'm loving all the spring nude colours
  22. Oh, that one is very pretty! And now for some La Perla... I'm not sure about the briefs Their 2011 spring summer is much of a muchness, nothing I couldn't live without
  23. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear Rolph, I'm not sure how we got to there, we didn't run out of booze, but it seemed like an awesome idea at the time. I can't blame the weegie for this one, he wasn't even out. grd
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