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  1. you're a star among men or something along those lines. Death Grips - The Money Store Death Grips - The Fever (Aye Aye)
  2. Animals as Leaders - Weightless http://youtu.be/Xw7j1czfVuo edit: help a sister out...there was a video a while back by this white kid, I thought he was called Grimes but YouTube tells me, Grimes is a weird girl with ombre hair that sounds like an anime character. I have no interest in that shit. Does anyone know who I mean?
  3. The dude he picked up wasn't gay. Dahmer made a pass at him ,when he turned him down Dahmer bashed his head in with a weight. So, next time a guys tries to stick his cock up your bum, remember that and it's the living you should be afraid of, not the dead :)
  4. I have 4 birthday cakes in the kitchen, they are calling to me...and I can't have any until tomorrow. Even though it fucking is tomorrow. Edit: Also, I wanted to ask, when a black hole swallows up everything, that includes time, right? So, does THAT time cease to exist and a new time starts fresh or does that time continue for everything else or do we like forget about that time because the black hole ate it? Like a hard reset? yeah, I been at the wine.
  5. I helped you out hubby dearest. DO NOT WANT new forum, I'm old, I don't like change.
  6. When we were young we used to buy bottles of 20/20 and white lightening and go here to drink... but there were less cybermen. There's a HUGE horsefly in here that I've used nearly a whole tin of hairspray on and it just won't die. Send help, I's scurred.
  7. It seems like there are a lot of peoples in this thread implying DAO isn't a superhero. TAKE IT BACK YOU DIVS. DAO absolutely is a superhero and he absolutely could take down an armed gunman all by himself; powered with nothing but 1/3 of a box of cracker jacks and a regular sprite.
  8. "Last edited by Realism : Yesterday at***09:38 PM. Reason: Wrong verb tense" I've never found you more attractive. Seriously though, why were there kids at that thing? What liberties do you lose by not letting any Tom, Dick or Harry have access to military grade weaponry? Would you all like to have a nuke out the back too? I don't know if it's conditioning or what but I'll never understand you American's and your gun culture. It truly baffles me. I like the idea of DAO running 'round in a cape disarming gunmen. We should come up with a super rad costume and call him whaledogman.
  9. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear covers stealing fool, I woke up at 5am, freezing cold because of you. I mad and mad tired. not a happy camper, missgrd
  10. Fuck yeah. Such a great album but what y'all know about Searching for the Young Soul Rebels. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout.
  11. Oscar Wilde said that, what,100 years ago or thereabouts. Nothing changes, people are always going to feel disenfranchised at some point, in one way or another. When you were teenagers everything was new and exciting, you had few worries and was less cynical...then you grow up. Humans suck, always have, always will. I think you're wrong though, there are genuine artists/artisans out there. You just have to make the effort to look. Or, as the Dali Lama said, be the change.you want to see in the world. /end drunk ramble. Someone make me a cuppa tea, please.
  12. Can you come back to t'port and remove the dead bird Bob has just left on the doorstep, please? I'd actually like to leave the house at some point today :(
  13. I really could have done without seeing that. I feel quite sorry for her.
  14. Re: Database Error I told you, I haven't seen her for years. She was fucking mental so I'm glad of that really.
  15. I kind of agree about it being two films or it could have been half the time. It was either really poorly edited or it needed to be fleshed out. How could they fuck up such a classic story? It was something and nothing. That girl who played Snow White annoys the hell out of me, she always looks like she's gurning. Surely they should have either chosen someone far more attractive for Snow or someone far less attractive for the witch?!
  16. Re: Database Error you didn't think I may have a problem with it though?
  17. We went to see that Snow White and the Huntsman on Tuesday. It was fucking awful. Even Ray Winstone and Lovejoy as dwarves didn't make up for how long it dragged on needlessly. The Huntsman/Thor fella is too pretty not to have him half naked in every scene, same goes for Charlize Theron.
  18. Re: Database Error If everyone leaves, what will happen to DAO? I'm a little worried we may lose him.
  19. You impregnated a 33 year old woman who's setting up a facebook page for a foetus, that doesn't know the difference between fate and a fete. Score Congrats man, pob lwc i ti!
  20. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear Decy, morality is always nice in theory. - grdinnit
  21. Off out for Sunday Lunch then on to the pub to watch the football. I'll be rooting for Italy just to piss off my friend and hopefully Ireland won't get thrashed by Croatia.
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