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  1. It's funny you mention her, I was told this weekend past that she's now living in some kind of polygamist coven/cult just outside Glastonbury and has a child named Damien. I proper fucking laughed.
  2. I can't get behind the zombie fad, there's nothing sexy about flesh eating dead people.
  3. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear Realism, I'm glad you had a sour experience there, it means your expectations will be lowered considerably. - sg
  4. This American Life retracts the story about Apple workers in China. http://www.thisamericanlife.org/blog/2012/03/retracting-mr-daisey-and-the-apple-factory
  5. Re: I wanna see your...........PETS! So I have that to look forward to :( I had a bash at making my own oatmeal shampoo and started her on sulphur supplements, there's been an improvement but we'll see... Yeah, she's kind of a retard too evil.
  6. I choked on my bitter...must spread reps.
  7. St Patrick's day isn't really a huge deal here, not like it is in America, oddly. I shall however spend all day in the pub drinking...but wearing a red rugby shirt, watching Wales CRUSH France. Out of my friends in attendance I'll be the only one there who's even remotely Irish.
  8. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear Decy, for some reason I have it in my head that it's Easter weekend which means day time drinking and the fair in Caerleon, it WILL be fun! - sg
  9. "They come in geeks and go out Jedi warriors." http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/11/nyregion/flynn-michael-trains-new-jedis-in-the-ways-of-the-force.html?_r=2
  10. It strikes me as a little odd that you'd remember that. Are you using this as an opportunity to play out your fantasies?
  11. ahh yeah hah..I did wonder. She gets a rash in her armpits and on her neck that she bites at, like hives. She's had skin tests so the vet thinks it's either her food or environmental, she's on a hypo-allergenic diet and I'm strict with chemical stuff anyway because I get contact dermatitis and she has oatmeal baths. She seems to run hot all the time even when it's cold so I'm already worried about how she's gonna cope with our week of sun...20 days good weather in Wales? I wish!
  12. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear Decy, chin up kid, just think you have drinks with me soon so that's something to look forward to ;) Also, now the weather is getting good we should take the dogs to belle vue soon. - sg Dear lau, you made me proud...for a change. Now don't fuck it up! - me
  13. He's not a poor dog, he's an awesome dog! I was telling my friend about his name the other day and he was umad he didn't think of it. Any pit owners have any experience with their dogs having sensitive skin?
  14. Stick you in a curry, obvs...they're probably planning what kind of curry though.
  15. He's probably just planning on how best to do away with your body...I wouldn't fret over it too much Soup.
  16. Unless there's an emotional youtube video telling of their plight that I can share on farcebook I'm not interested.
  17. Yes, I've read it, thanks.
  18. *Young Zaphod Plays it Safe I don't class it as part of the series so no, I don't want to.
  19. It would have been Douglas Adams 60th birthday today so in honour of him I'm gonna start today with Hitchhiker's and end with Mostly Harmless.
  20. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear Douglas Adams, Happy 60th UnBirthday - grdinnit
  21. Fionn Regan - The End of History Be Good Or Be Gone I love the video
  22. Woman Tries to Sell Three-Year-Old Chicken McNugget for £5,000 On eBay Rebekah Speight of Dakota City found this McDonald’s Chicken McNugget three years ago. She thought it looked like President George Washington and she put it in the freezer—as you do in these cases. Now, she’s trying to sell it to get 50 kids to summer camp. She put it on eBay last week. When the auction finished on Monday, she got a winner. Someone who wanted to pay £5,150 for it. Sadly, that didn’t work out at the end. The buyer chickened out. Got cold feet. But the second highest bidder—who offered £5,000—is still there, ready to grab some chicken-flavored deep-fried cardboard that resembles the effigy of the first President of the United States. Which brings me to an important subject: McDonald’s Chicken Presidents. Ronald, listen up you clown, we are onto something here. Feed people and teaching them history. You know. Buy a box of Presidents and get the kids to identify them as a game just before dipping them into that delicious sweet-n-sour sauce. and you know what else is nonsense? Being so hungover I can't sleep yet I'm exhausted. Poor me, poor me, pour me another.
  23. grd

    korny 2012

  24. He has a price list, I wonder if he still has a sale on... http://billythehumanbillboard.blogspot.com/ http://www.youtube.com/user/boxingchampak?feature=mhee I think a 12oz logo would look charming on the bridge of his nose.
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