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  1. You'll be staying up all night to watch them now hah. Bob just brought a dead bird home and I managed to get a delivery driver to dispose of the body for me. Tits really do have a higher purpose.
  2. Must have been awfully traumatic...and that's what I found most amusing.
  3. Are you watching season one? Just got back from walking the dogs, drinking tea while they sleep it off on the sofa and putting off housework. Basically, procrastinating hardt.
  4. EW what the fuck is wrong with people?!
  5. I hope they don't ruin it. http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/70aba64a04/ron-burgundy-is-back
  6. Bob's a she! NOES seems like the type to smite.
  7. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear Dirty Taco Steve, I'm not gay, I just think it's childish to use the word in such a manner. I also think it's childish that you, what I assume to be a grown man, have taken such offence to the opinions of people on the internet....IT'S THE INTERNET. Don't PM people getting umad about negs, it makes you look like a child...even more so than you already do here. Enjoy the three red tic tacs innit. grd
  8. Realism likes to fuck cats?! Should I be concerned for Bob's welfare?
  9. Every time I see something by Guy le Tatooer I wonder how it will hold up.
  10. grd

    Dear ________,

    dear Mi, fuck yeah!! - super happy grd
  11. Those are from the Alexander McQueen spring 2012 collection. I dunno where you'd get them in the US but I'd guess places like Barneys.
  12. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear Decy, that sucks! Money down it's ringland peoples. I ohpe you get it back! - grd Dear Rolf, I'll say it again, well done you!! - grd Dear Realism, enjoy the cavity searches and your upcoming holibobs to guantanamo by the bay, I hear it's a lovely resort. - grd
  13. is that a perspective thing sarcasm or are your feet huge?
  14. All of their songs are based on Arnie one liners, which in itself is nonsense.
  15. http://www.holymoly.com/tv/video/man-kicked-reality-show-punching-horse-face62163 Man kicked off reality show for punching a horse in the face. One of our favourite interview questions to ask celebs is: ‘would you ever punch a horse in the face?’ But we never expected someone to follow through (snrk). But a contestant on the unfeasibly named Full Metal Jousting has quite literally punched a horse in the face, and been booted off the programme for doing so. Coming in the same week as another Luck nag carked it (following an unwisely attempted backflip) we have to ask if television is no longer a safe place for our clippety cloppity friends. We don’t have many details about the incident but we can tell you that the assailant was 27-year-old Landon Morris who hit the animal in its neighing face, after it stepped on his foot. Landon’s jousting coach on the show, which airs on The History Channel (so it’s not just stuff about Nazis and Romans then), described the equine attack as "one of the stupidest things I've ever seen." Which only made us want to see it more. However, despite losing his place in the competition, the pony puncher maintained that he clobbered the colt “for the right reason”. Which begs the question, what are the right and wrong reasons for punching a horse in the face? Right reasons for punching a horse in the face It looked at you funny It had an annoying walk It was being a dick Wrong reasons for punching a horse in the face Just for lolz Political differences It stepped on your foot Sorry, Landon. You will not joust on this television channel again.
  16. You're mixing up the etymology of the word Aryan there. Aryan doesn't mean caucasian...even in the parameters of the Nazi doctrine, unless you were to specify non Jewish but still. Anyway yeah, whale dogs.
  17. Even if he is a bible basher...still would. The man looks goooood in lycra.
  18. We call Indian peoples Asians here...the Asians you're talking about are called Chinese, no matter where they're from.
  19. he deserves to get fleeced. In other news, there's nowt queer as folk... http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/horrifying-strange-addiction-screen-caps
  20. It's funny you mention her, I was told this weekend past that she's now living in some kind of polygamist coven/cult just outside Glastonbury and has a child named Damien. I proper fucking laughed.
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