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  1. if it ends up having a anything but a vagina, i'm liable to tear whatever it and make a hole.........electric retard style na0
  2. fist fight till she's huffing and puffing, and smash with hulk force................na0
  3. pure nonsense........... bet some na0s on here have done or been part of something like this
  4. ok how about this: "Love your enemies as you do yourself," is a very self serving passage in the Bible. These statements were used to keep slaves thinking about life in heaven instead of bashing their master’s heads in here on earth. Can you believe Black people are still naming their children after George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson? Black entertainers, especially rappers are always rapping and praising people that can’t stand their asses. They shamelessly endorse the products made by people who openly hate them. And they do it for free! These new Negroes won
  5. simply amazing.............. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to YearzOne again.
  6. name of said crazy homeless person..............ryan taylor? ryan lath-fucker?
  7. i about to get on this ms paint with Photoshop naos
  8. gay gucci gucci cocci style with turtz hanging out the rear-end
  9. new drake "the real her" /freaking nonsense
  10. the idiot bitch in the gif Oh Snafu! could have at least waiting the titties to come on first
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