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  1. google: The Making of South Park 6 Days to Air
  2. there was a money flow coming from gus and that money was also going to pay for many different things... also the customers of the meth will notice that flow stopped too........ but I guess in the series gus was extra carefully to not let anyone know, but the money was there.
  3. or did he look like this?:
  4. maybe he still lurks nearby living in a nearby alley or doghouse.........
  5. man the fuck up, don't let that hoe get or keep you shook Na0
  6. your always ballin' for free and never out of control.....
  7. its something my colleagues and I have started calling each other meaning of true and happen right na0.
  8. Re: You looking at threads? . . . . . . . Fuck lookin at threads, *Swag *Swag *Swag swag swag swag
  9. did you really recover from being shook, nao bet you still shook
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