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  2. gwar used to do halloween every year at the eagles club in milwaukee. although never a diehard fan musically, their stage shows were brilliantl, fun and entertaining. went three years in a row with my ex girl and ate an eighth of boomers before each time. quite the experience. but that blood & slime DID NOT taste like kool aid. more like melted wax and rubber.
  3. RIP to the god. a legend in the truest sense. watching throwback frasier fights was partially what got me into boxing at a young age. a huge loss for the boxing, fuck it... entire sports world...
  4. actually according to several reports ive read 12pack, SP is often accompanied by auditory hallucinations. most times its a LOUD crunching or something... sometimes like the sound of crumbling celophane. but less often ill hear someone speaking in tongues, or yelling obscenities in arabic directly in my ear which is mega fuckin terrifying. anyway, im convinced that I will have to deal with this for the rest of my days.. but it presumably becomes more tolerable over time. still, fascinating stuff. I wish some members would post up some of their experiences in best possible detail. I
  5. looks like hielo has everyone ELSE craft his letters for em... bring some STYLE to the table kid... KOBRA BNASTY HEAT 8TRAK YANK!!!!!!!!! 666
  6. MUCH..... boom boom bam GOTTTTDAAAAAAAMNN!
  7. its the "LGBT" groups that you wanna stay away from, POZ.
  8. usually if they exist, in the directory next to the group in parenthesis it will say "young adults welcome" or something along those lines. it doesnt mean the group will be devoid of all veterans/old timers whom we all know have mega knowledge to drop/experieces to share. I imagine its there as a comfort level for some, and not to discourage younger folks in need of help from attending. IME, these groups have just been a little more diverse age wise, thats all.
  9. I wear a rubber to bed every night so this shouldnt be an issue
  10. bumped.. after months and months of letting this frighten me to near heart attack, I have learned over time to manipulate my experiences half of the time. at some point a few months ago, I stopped fighting it to see where it might take me, based on the knowledge that other more experienced sleep paralysis sufferers (for lack of a better word), have used it as a catalyst to O.B.E's, astral projection and deep meditation. at first this was x10 more mortifying than its predecessor (attempting to speak/shift/move until awakening), but things started getting interesting, although
  11. Cosigned Ralphy, the only criticisms that should be taking place are positive ones. If you are not giving advice, or simply identifying with others, then why bother? (Most) people in this thread are going through an array of problems, some perceivably worse than others but I, along with any other member have no right to judge the way we cope/struggle with our addictions. I consider this kind of behavior to be immature, childish and just plain disrespectful and as such, I will no longer address it. Lets keep it POSI ladies & gentlemen. POZ, tomorrow (tonight) I will be attending the Mi
  12. one: not trying to make it seem like my struggle is any more difficult than any other person in this thread, but heroin withdrawal, IMO, some of the most difficult shit one could ever go through. call it "excuses".. shit ive made alot of them.. I AM AN ADDICT. two: you would fucking check yourself out of that place too... I GUARANTEE IT. ever been to jail homie? and lets not forget I admitted myself. I am trying. I am currently free of all toxins. thats the biggest step ive taken in years. step the fuck off with that judgemental garbage. everyone else stay up... ill quote "thedoc"..
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