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  1. It already out, infact it's been out, I don't want to ruin the movie by telling what it's about, it is worth a watch or two.
  2. I searched for a thread on this, found none, one of the coolest sci-fi horror I've seen.
  3. Granted it stops raining but you fall down a manhole full of toxic fumes I wish for world peace and everyones got flower power!
  4. Oh yeah it's a porno Are chatting about Dexxxter? Join sex crime investigator, Dexxxter Whoregan (Nikki Rhodes) as she investigates some of Miami's sexiest and raunchiest cases. Adult stars Lexi Belle, McKenzie Sweets, Kya Tropic, Lynx and more perform in some steamy scenes
  5. Any shitty job corps stories there fellow 12ozers? I remember hear they pay/allowance of 15 dollars every 2 weeks.
  6. shit happens worst threads have been pulled up
  7. I remember this kid in middle school got caught whacking it during class by the teacher, he got sent to the principals office, he would also act like he was licking everyone, like licking the air but in a certain person male or female's direction./nh Also reminds me of a time in elementary school a kid pissed his seat, some of the class laugh but the teacher Mrs. wine drinker ( her last name rhymed with wine drinker) shut them up loudly, angrily saying "What if it was you?" - Just thought I would share that.
  8. I have had jobs I liked to. Like current ones I have.
  9. ^sounds like some of the mentally ill that like near me, fuckers get a check every month for being tards and the worse part is the government that issues the checks dont try to help them be more than a waste of motherfucking space..... I guess the government sees it has more money to spend on they. I mad, everyone's/my tax dollars going to use! fucking door to door magazines doing the spill and r-o-f: robbing-old-folks,city to city, good way to catch fame with paid hotel and food/beer/smoke allowance.... just dealing with cops and crime-stoppers, heroes.
  10. not in any order: g@m3st0p suxs peer pressure customers into memberships they pay for which do help if they buy many a used games or trade in games(but the tards dont understand that,depending on the value of used games they buy trade in for instant saving. dumb co workers, screaming spoiled kids, druggies ( through we once got offered $100 dollars /and some green mids for a xbox360) and i guess employment politics (for instance employees being looked at as numbers instead of by the quality of work done target overnite crackfiends, oversexed management(woman manager wanting "f
  11. I first I thought you meant WHO? Who Mob - Weeds Heads Only crew pics on flickr
  12. I got to be at work in 2 hours, "thank you for calling, where you can get assassins creed 2 and reserve bioshock 2 which is out feb. 2 2010. How may I help you?
  13. how to free base caffeine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTO2pBO6vVo
  14. Of course the dog didn’t let go when it was tased that generally causes the opposite effect and why the f did they think they wouldn’t get bit they just got done chasing the dog, it doesn’t know who they are and its scared that’s a normal response . That was a show of excessive force you never need to shoot an animal that small especially when it obviously belongs to some one that’s just strait f’d up.
  15. Watched Mr.Brooks and ken Park online
  16. video as been removed by user......
  17. ^has he catches a group of 12ozers with pants down, "its not what it looks like"
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJHlsYgYKP8 funny the guy gets knocked out and gets up to do "a little dance" and loses with a i dont believe it face
  19. Fantasia Censored originally produced for the 1940 release of Disney's Fantasia. It wasn't until a 1960's theatrical re-release of the film which such scenes were censored from the film due to the characters being considered ethnically offensive during the civil rights movement. 1st scene (fast) 2nd scene (longer) 3rd scene (Longer)
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