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  1. I haven't eaten these in over a year I finally OD'd on them:
  2. this comes to mind when I think of sunrise and sunsets http://youtu.be/aGI6yx4GkoM
  3. OK Cunt_Eastwood i agree about the him not being a snitch(due to he not being a killer) in a killer's eyes he's a life that needs to be taken more than once, which to some twisted fucks is fun he isn't a G due to the fact that a "G" wouldn't have even gone to the middle of death-zone bum fuck Egypt to begin with he is a survivor, that's as far as that goes.
  4. agreeing, na0 if he had been shot then grabbed the shotgun and beat the fucker's head in or shot the shooter's kneecaps off then that would've made him a G.
  5. confirmed na0s season 5 lucky oontzers I'll even post this : Here's your chance to win a walk-on role on what The New York Times calls "the best show on television." One Grand Prize Winner will be selected to receive a walk-on role in a Breaking Bad Season 5 episode and a four-day, three-night trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico. http://www.breakingbadsweeps.com/enter.php don't forget to prop, na0s
  6. "Gotta kill the witnesses cause Birdman car red Hollygrove Monster, Eagle Street preacher Come to your funeral, kill everybody but the preacher! I live in Miami, nigga I’ll South Beach ya Robin Leach, uh – that’s how we ballin You know that I’m loaded but please don’t take a sweeter Beat one of you bitch niggas up like John Cena Them hoes on your money Tell them hoes we coming Before we get it popping We ain’t saving hoes, we swapping"
  7. your swag increases lil Wayne type swag style without the lil part...... "Funny how the heater make a nigga freeze up We smoke a tree down til it’s just a tree stump That Eastside nigga, bang on you bitches I’m going at your neck strangle you bitches Got a long-ass list full of bad-ass bitches And I stay burned out like a bad transmission I’m on, like the lights I lights up The kush, knocked out, Mike Tyson fight I’m talking about ass and titties Sex and the City Weezy F Baby and the F is for “forget it” I’m loving my shine, sipping on fine wine Up and some fine dime, then she give me Einstein Young Money motherf-cker, yeah we picked the fine time"
  8. annoy mofofuckers, gonna make me freeze time and shit in mofofuckers mouths
  9. right eating feces are things for dogs and monkeys thing
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