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  1. its magic, you ghetto toy.....now leave before we curse you and your email, Myspace and Facebook
  2. ^fucking hulk smash! non sense : Otis Remix produced by Vthov aka Vinthoven Yall can hate on this I don't need ya props... Ain't even waiting for beat to drop Tired of hearing all your music about the things you got Squeezin glocks, unfit to lead the lost Watch my ether cause yall's knees to lock See I'ma make real music till my breathing stops And I'ma call yall out until you leave ya spot Got your fans sayin damn ya boi V's a prob With a flow so cold it could freeze da rock Third one from the sun you can't heat ya spot You're a wolf in sheeps
  3. is your nickname Mr.Nig? by chance? lol
  4. my friend just told me he went to his local mcdees and this old black man freaking held up the place yelling about he has kids older than the employees that work there and he got forced to leave...... but hey, niggas gonna nig!
  5. no but trying to order something at a main downtown location is hell on the weekends people forget how drive and freaking walk.......mcdees zombies or something.
  6. this is like the worst thread for me to be posting in, it really bring out my negativity and thats that i am holding back............
  7. maybe he felt he not only had to defend himself but use such force to put them bitches in their place! or they thought he was a different "black person" that had rape them...
  8. Re: You looking at threads? . . . . . . . Fuck lookin at threads, *Swag *Swag *Swag swagga:
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