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  1. its magic, you ghetto toy.....now leave before we curse you and your email, Myspace and Facebook
  2. ^fucking hulk smash! non sense : Otis Remix produced by Vthov aka Vinthoven Yall can hate on this I don't need ya props... Ain't even waiting for beat to drop Tired of hearing all your music about the things you got Squeezin glocks, unfit to lead the lost Watch my ether cause yall's knees to lock See I'ma make real music till my breathing stops And I'ma call yall out until you leave ya spot Got your fans sayin damn ya boi V's a prob With a flow so cold it could freeze da rock Third one from the sun you can't heat ya spot You're a wolf in sheeps' clothing trying to eat da flock But I carry a big stick that'll leave ya limbs ripped You gets nothin bitch even your fleas will starve When I leave you scarred bruised and breathin hard From ass whoopins so big they can be seen from Mars I'm hot like the sun when I speak these bars Put on your sunblock or they'll leave you charred I fear no man because I speak to God I reject ya flow cause I don't feel ya heart All the gansta ass rappers tryin to seize the charts Will succeed as long as you people believe they hard And all the champaign sippin, woodgrain grippin Bitch niggas spittin bout their little rims spinnin Don't want yall to know that they don't got a pot to piss in They rap about the bull shit keepin up they image And thugs too, all this street cred's a gimmick Who cares about college follow us go to prison You sound real stupid hope you get a big sentence Persecuting smart kids holds the hood back pimpin But yall don't hear me, cause yall won't listen Unless I talk about champaign swag and bitches And how I got the white cookin up in the kitchen And how I got shot 12 times without flinchin And get locked up twice a year without snitchin And kill at least five guys a night without slippin And how the Ruger blasts every day without missin And how I smash models and they walk away limpin Ugh, but that don't line up with mission See I'ma keep it real I can't give up my position Before I rap a bar about how my ice glistens Or tell a young girl she's only good for gold diggin Or tell a young man that the street life's the business I'll give up rap for ever grab a pole and go fishin See yall can kick rocks with no socks and some slippers Rappin like this I won't see no figures Paparazzi might not ever snap my picture But that don't change the fact that I still flow sicker Than your favorite rapper's favorite rapper's favorite mentor And my flows are colder then some polar bear whiskers So while yall brag about how yall born to be killas I'ma tell the kids in the hood to dream bigger It's a cold world learn to stay warm in the winter Invest in your future focus on the big picture
  3. is your nickname Mr.Nig? by chance? lol
  4. my friend just told me he went to his local mcdees and this old black man freaking held up the place yelling about he has kids older than the employees that work there and he got forced to leave...... but hey, niggas gonna nig!
  5. no but trying to order something at a main downtown location is hell on the weekends people forget how drive and freaking walk.......mcdees zombies or something.
  6. this is like the worst thread for me to be posting in, it really bring out my negativity and thats that i am holding back............
  7. maybe he felt he not only had to defend himself but use such force to put them bitches in their place! or they thought he was a different "black person" that had rape them...
  8. Re: You looking at threads? . . . . . . . Fuck lookin at threads, *Swag *Swag *Swag swagga:
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