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  1. fuck it I got a thing for chicks I can fistfight till the sun goes down and fuck till then the sun comes up
  2. what the fuck guys, call this the main vice is s-e-x appeal thread. call me motherfucking jones, who wants their boss killed?
  3. this is who I now am: 我明白在一個人的生命一個 diffculties。但。和多數民眾贊成一個巨大的,但對我而言,生命是什麼您知道如何處理,管理,處理,甚至忽略了自己的日常戰鬥和勝利是至關重要的生活充實的生活....... “我已經看到了好的一面壞 而同比下降 而一切之間 我舔銀勺 喝了金杯 曾經有過的最好的東西 獲得真正的愛情 在我打破了他們的心臟 你知道在哪裡結束 它通常取決於你在哪裡開始“(像活在當下,並計劃未來幾年。) 每天都是新的一天........但是,我每天想到的是我的孩子,我會始終把第一,每天來他們看到我,我是誰,一個父親,一個聰明的人,一個可靠的傢伙...... 他們是我現在存在的原因,當我去(happily!)我知道我離開他們知道我沿著我的知識傳遞,更重要的是,我的紀律。 一門學科,將超越任何世俗的(< - 我用這個詞鬆散),任何世俗的物質,思想,貪婪,思維過程的薄弱恥辱類型。 我有幸經歷了許多劣品和貨物,我會永遠知道我祝福。
  4. no vip access to bunker? maybe you can charge a weekend fee for zombies and what not...... or is their no more weekends after the end?
  5. fake ass looking Morgan freeman
  6. Dear offthywallz you are a motherfucking beast, un-fucking-undeniably multi-talented super hero, super villain. You don.t walk you fucking float, how the fuck do you do shit like that?
  7. niggas facebook has him pictured with bitches http://www.facebook.com/pages/RJ-Mitte/44826659507
  8. ^this belongs here too......and the gif Tavaruawon posted after (So my girlfriend ha........thread) had me busting up in my A/V room.
  9. Re: So my girlfriend has a few male friends..........
  10. or some weirdos in gangs with drugs go around and make there nasty shit to sell as a joke.....
  11. http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/8575/bitchslap.gif' alt='bitchslap.gif'> [/img] tie her up and use your pimp hand, have some thrill
  12. guys with boxes of pita chips and salsa were handing them at the train station this morning.....
  13. Re: So my girlfriend has a few male friends..........
  14. ^ what about the offspring you leave behind nao?
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